A fucking know-it-all?
I prefer the term Sexual Intellectual
you might wanna think twice before you do battle
with this blue-eyed white boy from Seattle
You stylized, sphincter-sucking sycophants
I’ll bury bitches in layered linguistics
and alluvial alliteration like I said, I meant
A fossil on the beach, a washed-up has-been?
Remember these things come in threes

You claim your attacks are some kind of help
that kind of dumb makes me repeat myself
because my verses are like icebergs
in that the part that goes deep is the part you can’t see
and that ain’t the only thing like that about me
lookup what I say so that you can feel the rub glacially
only show the world the parts that are outstanding
inside so hot and cold you could pass for Icelandic
You’re just bubbling crude like ancient trees

And if you dig deeper to come back for more
I hope you can handle being dismantled
No one can stand ya, blood boils like magma
A major deterrent, swapping undercurrents
Hit something solid against your volatile
I’ll rock you right to your core!
I’m the Subliminal Slayer, built layer-by-layer
Compressed impressions designed by me
here endeth the lesson in G-ology.

Don’t come back lookin’ for trouble
Tectonic plates, like your face, are buckled
I’ll take you down on the double
It’s gonna hurt when I hit you with the Earth
Stay down kid, I still got the shovel.