The Only Truth

Let’s talk about Truth, it’s Manner and Kind
I am sure there are ways you can find
to speak the unspoken, from mind to mind

Every secret is a Promise
Not every promise is a secret.
If you learn nothing else,
Learn how to keep it.

Now, get that out of your mind.
It’s Water you fool.
The wedge that cracks
The hammer that grinds

Ha! It’s the foundation of business
That is an agreement
Hands that are clasped
That’s Trust, a firm contract.

It’s Marriage my friend,
We must disagree.
That’s me and my love,
Two as one, that’s a “We”!

Nay, it’s Parenting you say,
To lift them up and raise them higher,
Not hold them down with selfish desires.

It is Philosophy, the cornerstone of the Greeks.
It’s Therefore, logic leads to knowledge
And Because it is shared, strong are the meek.

Yes, it’s the paradox of All, no mind can ever be alone.
If there is One, there must be Many.
And without the Many, there can be no One.


I have never been looked in the eyes and told
I am beautiful
that’s OK, I am not the only one
I would prefer it be meaningful
sometimes saying something,
is getting something done

I am Unfinished, a work in progress
if you can’t see my beauty
that is OK, I’m not done yet
you aren’t my strength, I am, truly
and my belief in me is all I need,
but not all I want, you can bet

I am Unfinished, the order is not written
the marathon goes on as I get on my feet
everyone makes it to the end
many I will meet, but not all I can keep
it isn’t who won, it’s about how you run
and how well you earn the title “Friend”

I am Unfinished, my luster has tarnished
Years have left me weathered
some care will make me shine
sometimes old leather is better
and a patina’s story of past glory
gives beauty to the battle against time

I am Unfinished, my mold was broken
I am created through me
what I do, and what’s left
perhaps not your kind of beauty
to see isn’t to Be, yet I try to perceive
until I take that last breath
Unfinished, I will always be


Knowing what you were born for,
priceless knowledge
People can live far off-world,
untested knowledge
yeah, people have had psychic powers for eons,
ancient knowledge
every moment you’re alive is proof of existence,
worthless knowledge
hearing what is thought,
unbelievable knowledge
Ideasthesia, meaning gives emotion,
Heart knowledge
the pleasure of finding things out, to be the one who did it…
unending, irreplaceable, unmistakable, unforgettable
dangling by your fingers, in the open air,
no ledge
fear of the unknown
know less
unwilling to risk what is fleeting and gone
unable to learn from that which was before
uncapitulating in the face of insurmountable,
continuing to carry on, despite the gaping hole in the chest
living without you in my life
unwilling to love all that is the rest
holding you in my arms, not just my eyes
to be a part of the movement, make it worth all of this
power of one, versus the power of few, Nothing stops time
but, I am Many, We are Legion,
the strength of All, and one that is mine
change, in the face of the world
Philosophy of that between One and Not One
No thing

Generation Next
It seems like All, but there’s One above,
don’t give up on Love.
Emergent or forced, the movement wills through
It takes more than me, or more than you too,
it can’t be All, for there’s always what is,
don’t forget, it’s doing that lives, Being just exists.
It starts somewhere, it can’t be none.
It’s the power of Not, which is built on the power of One.
Ain’t nothin’ higher but it can’t be alone,
it confounds many, truly they’re vexed.
But you hold the key, and the others, you see,
this new generation holds the power of… Next

Fighting For Peace
For all on every side who fight against peace
hear this please
captains of industry and their paid-for media proselytizing
filling you and me with consumerism philosophising
creating a scare of the people to whom they sell
so everyday families hide in a locked-home hell
so people only feel safe in a bleached out incarceration
or an oversexed, undereducated, criminal unliberation
when there is no difference between shooter and shot
and every single person believes justice can’t be bought
when representation is truly a tool of democracy
and politics is not just a monetary theocracy
when neighbors are all brothers, sisters and friends
when fear of each other ends, and love of each other wins
and the fact we bear arms is the reason for the need
and injustice for one makes the whole system bleed
we act like shopkeepers and Mother Earth is the store
selling her bounty, and pimping her like a whore
and then smugly pretend that nothing can happen
while Nature reminds us of our terrestrial entrapment
even those who would fight through the lies
have no solution and have to protest in disguise
a few of the giants stand tall, work hard, and have reason for pride
while all of the masses let them handle it, and shamefully sigh
relinquishing their power for false convenience
angrily screaming about the divide in between us
so to all the world’s leaders and citizens, fighting for peace
hear our pleas

I am shamed
I have selfishly yearned
for that I have burned
my pain is my shame
for that, I am sorry

I am loving
like the darkest of stars
alone doesn’t mean apart
I crush what I touch
for that, I am lonely

I am lucky
from below and above
I feel and know love
for someone else, is for myself
for that, I am grateful

For Me
For Me
Form e
Upon myself I compound
Until my interest grinds down
I keep adding these pieces
Constantly they’re needed
within me is infinity
With you, I am more than 2
But I can’t ever be 3
I feed on myself
and noone else
The fault isn’t mine
Principally, it’s just me, and time
a limit imposed dimensionally
that’s how it’s beat
when it’s just you and me
remember the frame
and my natural name
into the world I’m thrown
not even the universe is alone
where space is bent
When slows its entanglement
and particles that be
only happen quantumly
there is no “half-light”
though try as I might
I want to be alone like “c”
But I can’t, I’m already me
My reach extends
where time comprehends
my external link universally
but if you know why
Me and I love pie
this you will get, naturally
without you, I can only be
Form e
For Me

You didn’t know what seeds you had sown
when you raised your hand to me
what could have been, but this fire within
wouldn’t go out by getting beat
a simple punishment, without admonishment
never the face where everyone would see
without inhibition, past the prohibition
your will, will never be me
without you I rise, and look to the skies
my silence means that I’m free
the future will bring, as I unfurl my wings
a battle cry screamed angelically
wings beating with might, I take to my flight
Untouchable, I soar out of reach

So can you handle a little give and take?
to reach for the unreachable
Is gonna take some strength
to touch the untouchable
fight the fire from which I’m made
you got the courage to stay through the fight?
or run away because you are afraid
I’ve been in darkness, looking for your light

The world is my oyster, old burdens unfoisted
I am loved, a gift felt deeply
ecstatic to discover, and fully uncover
the extent of all my abilities
I’m happy to help, the desire is felt
collaboration, whispered sweetly
felt in the spirit, somehow you hear it
from afar, I’m drawn by your tease
though you abuse, you’re still my muse
some wounds never heal completely
first time since birth, I know my worth
cured myself of self-love diseases
with love I speak, I hold my own leash
Untouchable, you never will hurt me

So can you handle a little give and take?
to reach for the unreachable
Is gonna take some strength
to touch the untouchable
fight the fire from which I’m made
I put on my armor, I’m ready for war
fight till the end, go to any length
covering my weakness is what the shell’s for

I try to discuss, I don’t tell you enough
how much I appreciate your beauty
it seems so absurd, with how often you’ve heard
“Oh Honey you’re simply amazing!”
some fragments remain, now I must retrain
I’m a King, though you see right through me
some interior mess impedes my progress
my Self is difficult in the breaking
you really are the most brilliant of stars
though you are lost in the sun daily
no hurt when you’re happy, joy that you’re laughing
I am nailed to a cross of my own making
I feel so I live, my broken smile I give
Untouchable, so please, will you touch me?

So can you handle a little give and take?
to reach for the unreachable
Is gonna take some strength
to touch the untouchable
fight the fire from which I’m made
It is possible, you just gotta believe
and be the one who traded
Untouchable for Touchable me

Virtuous Love
Do not go for looks my friend , they pass like beautiful Spring
when looking for love, your eyes can’t see a thing
if you go for money, understand what is bought
and know a passing want from what is forever sought
easy come is easy go, you must know your worth
if you can put a price on love, tell me, what’s the value of Earth?
if you choose the warrior’s path of honor and sacrifice
remember, the price is often high, a noble but lonely life
One is a soldier, while the other is the good husband or wife
if they are seduced by endeavors of the mind, and you, sexy intellect
you will often be left bereft, their first love left you second best
love the work, and learn to know the meaning of respect
time can thieve the brightest mind, and simple replaces complex
if you pursue a heart that’s true, the kind that lasts awhile
then you will know the value, my friend, of a daily smile
you can’t replace a smiling face to get you through life’s trials
if you can find the right kind, all these virtues that are classy
make your bet, you wont regret a life spent together laughing
in the end, what matters my friend, is that love makes you happy

Beautiful, To Me
when I think of it, it is kind of funny
how you can suck the confidence right out of me
I lose my eloquence, and put things bluntly
in my eyes you shine so brightly
but I can’t tell you all I see, only that you’re
Beautiful, to me
You have beauty but are also different
so much more than just pretty
and more than independent
all the physical doesn’t usually faze me
yet you draw out my compliments
and happily you enthrall me mentally
presence in my mind, your sweet malevolence
I fear you have no thoughts like these
and that you wont love intelligence
because your heart, soul, and mind are
Beautiful, to me
I know how to love, and I can create
I do not fear action, but I do over-contemplate
is it just me that can see all that we could be?
not exactly alike, our differences educate
Fresh, new and fun, I don’t want a duplicate
I know simple, not easy, and you’re so fancy
But I am constant, a dreamer that’s dedicated
a partner in time, a life, collaborated
an unbelievable dream, yet awake, free and
Beautiful, to me
so I look, to feel a pinch, see a reflection
I am blinded, but trying to see
imagining this link is a coming attraction
you know choosing me is choosing freely
no others in my heart, an easy eviction
a commitment of choice, a happy indemnity
blurring my focus, a bittersweet distraction
attack my senses, break my solemnity
facing the fears, I give my prediction
if years turn to tears, you will continue to be
Beautiful, to me
with all I have said, what will you do?
One is the loneliest number, but a pair makes two
are these arms you would snuggle into?
not insecurity, I explore for the truth
perhaps what I should be asking is,
Am I Beautiful, to You?

Worth Waking Up To
Sometimes it can be hard to know what to value
when looking for love, not just to get laid
the subtle difference in someone who stays
if she’s worth making love to, she’s worth waking up to
When we have had a conversation, others call a “fight”
even with her flaws, she’s the girl you can’t get enough of
she always seems perfect, because she’s the woman you love
and I wake up in the morning, and everything’s alright
because her lovin’ is more than a trophy to win
you’d shout it to the world, or keep it secretly hidden
that, damn it Love, I’m so stupidly smitten
once is not enough, you want her again, and again
and it can seem so silly, and have me beguiled
and though I can’t be your only source of joy
a blush for the man, a cringe for my inner little boy
that I always want to be the reason for your smile
I will tell you, in words, in thoughts, and show it to you
when I open my eyes, I can’t tell if it’s a dream, or it’s real
and every morning with you, I remember why it is I feel
You’re worth making love to, and Lover, you’re worth waking up to

A Musing…
Do not apologize for what you mean to do,
You know I am happy for you
You will never see my hurt hidden between the lines
it seems to have been a lost cause for all this time
I said it, I meant it, through and through
I hope you have it in you to understand my apprehension
that the words you use to talk me through, have inherent condescension
I want you to know
the strength it took to show
what I look like inside out, my heart and parts open for dissection
once again, I guess I don’t fit in, I’ve always been a late bloomer
and if you knew the Me that’s true, it isn’t just a rumor
but you can only know
some silly stuff I show
believe if you could, that I am really good at situational humor
perhaps it seems on this Internet thing my demeanor is reserved
like in science, the reason behind it, is that my energy is conserved
my words here are topical
my success isn’t optional
my inner beauty, for the special one to see, and who deserves it
I keep my words few, and try to use, my learned vocabulary
but that doesn’t mean that I’m not keen on using it sparingly
I’m not giving up
this fire’s turnt up
but after all this, you must show me Miss, the feel of you really caring

I wasn’t going to tell you, but the story had to be told
about how I went from a wallflower, to silly and bold
It all started with a glimpse of the face
and all of the little replies in kind
so I had to put someone on the case
someone with an investigative mind
and hope they could keep up with your pace
I looked high and low, and all I could find
was an unusual character by the name of Ayse
and so I pushed forward, half-cocked and half-blind
some clues I deciphered, but his efforts were slowed
Seven Spanish Angels, the Body Violin, he wasn’t sold
Ayse went overboard with tales of conspiracy
all of his rantings didn’t really convince me
something about messages in the art
and taking over the world in an alien way
he told me the sign was a brand on the heart
I tried not to gasp, lest I give it away
an alien takeover in which I unwittingly played a part
and he told me their leader won’t tolerate strays
but I have a secret, I’m not the only one who’s marked
a scar in scarlet, shhh, it’s a big letter “A”
and now the game’s over, or so it seems
The government stoppage, a twisted power play
The lack of words, and what they all mean
and the superheroine still saving the day
something broken inside, I won’t pay to be seen
I keep hold of something, but what I wont say
I suppose I will keep waiting, a boy and his dream

Shine Through Me
So, they wonder where it came from, and where’d it go?
A little prodding and poking to make him go, get him to show?
Like it’s some friday night entertainment,
or more nefarious intent
Have you stopped to think of what it would be like
not just for everyone else but for the one with the Eye?
if a lack of confidence is what’s not right
then this world needs my light
Knowledge is what is important, I hold up the candle in the dark
all I see is a simple room. spartan and stark
From here though ripples are made, from quasars and quarks
and what Flavor of Domination can be spun from Strange, Color, Charm and spark
I giggle a little, some reluctant glee, Truthfully, when I see
That good Bottoms are made in a Beauty Factory
That’s enough now, no more Itch Marketing
or pretending a Scratch Ticket is an Ego thing
But if they want to know how I do it
well, put me to the tests, c’mon, let’s do this!
I’ve got some ideas of how it works
but there’s bigger concerns to think of first.
I really do find all of the irony funny
and yeah, I really do want the money
About the song, and who was doing all the talking
Why, it was YOU that was flustered and squawking
and for that question about the lonely night
stop asking me, and take a look to your side
that’s who brought me there, to her utter delight
And a serious moment, for this one’s not mine
but for good people, who thought they lost time
and the lady singing so loud, “This little light of mine”
“You’re so beautiful, and yes, I’m fine”
I can’t make out the rest, her voice is hard to discern
I don’t have much to go on, from you I must to learn
if they cant hear what I say,
remember, where there’s a Will, there’s a way
I love to laugh, but this isn’t fame
If I am even close to right, does it seem like a game?
and now I fear the candle grows dim
I can barely see the room I’m in
I hear nothing, no matter how hard I listen
My jaw clenches, my resolve stiffens
if this is how it must be
then by the Dark Energy of Possibility
this light will shine through me!

All that time I spent gone, away from you
fighting for something that wasn’t my own
but standing up for something I know,
like my mama taught me to
and while we’re apart you do what’s needed
the epitome of Queen when at the helm
too proud to admit when overwhelmed
I smile and swell when I say, “She did it”
As for me, I was alone but still walking tall
I hit a few things while thinking of you
broke some of me, and lost a few too
disease, death, and twice now a fall
the Comeback Kid, struggle and strife
I made it home, but still feel alone
the limb that was there, I could spare
but not no job, no home, no kids, no wife and
no life

They call me lazy until they see what I’ve done,
They call me a loser, even if once I won,
They push me down because of what they fear,
Yet none have the courage to look me in the face and bet what THEY hold dear,
They tell me I have to do it their way,
I tell them, “who are you to tell me what to do, and what to say…?”

Black Ops
Oh come now folks, it’s all good fun
I ain’t even close to done,
you should know a smokescreen hun
I know the map, I see the treasure
a lil more proof? OK, a pleasure
I didnt realize you were such a noob
when I said I’d shoot your boob
though you were well guarded
I didn’t know they were such big targets!
now I get why Joker makes faces,
he was hidin’ those pocket aces
but now for real, it’s an election year
real Black Ops goin’ on amidst some big fear
Some chicks are real good gettin’ lead down
Bullseye in that cool Bayou town
But talkin’ color on my friend Riley Ur Black
gets you kicked off the team like a heart attack
in the end ain’t much that’s funner
than bein’ a real chopper gunner
and in the news, we got real predator missiles
I’m kickin’ back with a smile and a whistle
and hopefully soon try some of that pulled pork BBQ
I hear if you’re in the South and dont try it your a fool
got a quiet CZ and a good tac knife
gotta play like you have just 1 life
I’m not the kind to say it’s not my job
sorta like a rich girl goin’ out to shop?
when it came time, I said I was the one, but…
oh off the team? ain’t over and done
came back, kicked ass, just for fun
in the end, in General, well I’ll be a son of a gun…

like an original American, this isn’t a heist
Livin’ Life free comes with a price
talkin’ to me about honor with a mouthful of lies
I have mine and I see your disguise
Not, born again, but got Snake Eyes
knowing when it is good to think twice
at least there was a dream, even if it dies
Nothing unreal about being nice
Sorry Einstein, but God does play dice
livin’ a life that can never be just mine
I have big ideas about sharing time
showin’ the love line by line
hurtin’ all over, but feelin’ fine
reason, it’s worth it, so here is the rhyme
this is the price of being One of a Kind

Dear Mr. Colbert
It is my understanding you have lost a Writer, and that your staff is shorthanded
So I would like to submit for the position, almost like that one fan did, ‘ahem’
I’m not one to steal your limelight, flashlight, fleshlight, or terabyte
I am, however, really good at saying “Yes!” when the time is right
I don’t want you to think I’m gay, I won’t try to lead your thoughts astray
I need a job, the bills don’t stop, where there’s a will, there’s a “way”
you got an iPad, not a Kindle, ahh, I see, a book and its cover…
like a learned politician, when you read, you like your pages bent over…
But I digress from the purpose of this letter
it is to help the people, and your wallet get… “better”
We will chant, we will cheer, while we carry you on our shoulders
I will even be excited to be named one of your holders… (I hope that’s good)
I know this is kinda public, but I wanted you to see
that I know when it’s about you, it really is about me
I wouldn’t take a shred of your American Glory
come what may, it is all your story
but if push comes to shove, and I can’t work with you
could you put in a good Word, down the hall, the short Jew?

I had to ask, only lookin for a maybe
a super-fine lady, if she would date me
even though she had me seein’ double
she had that Gem-in-the-eye trouble
playin’ with my weakness
when she asked, “Oh you wanna freak this?”
I said, “ain’t nobody viceless,”
she said, “my love is priceless!”
“I ain’t tryin’ to afford ya,”
I told her, “I just wanna support ya”
“Come back,” she said with a grin,
“when you’re all grown up and out of your playpen!”
“Oh,” I said to Miss Thing
“if I ain’t good enough for ya now, I ain’t good enough then”
“And I think it should be worth a mention,”
“That you already have me payin’ attention”
I hoped she would see the feeling
behind my unintentional double meaning
and then she made me weak in the knees
when she smiled and said to me,
“I don’t need your money, honey, I got my own stuff to do,”
“but you’re cute and kinda funny, what else can I expect from you?”
weak in my knees, and with quivering thighs
I somewhat recovered from my surprise
and spat out words like she wasn’t a girl
and pretended she wouldn’t rock my world
I drew in my breath,
coughed to the left, and said,
“I like a little mystery, but don’t want ya to lie to me,”
“I’d be there till the end, because first, I’d be your friend,”
“try to do what pleases, and when needed, pick up the pieces,”
“to never contain you or explain you,”
“but to love you, who you are, and what you do.”
“Those are things you can expect from me,”
“so tell me girl, What can I expect from you?”
I swallowed, and marveled at my own hubris
stopped the voice that said, “don’t do this!”
“your words make you sound like a hell of a guy,”
she said, with smile on the sly, and a gleam in her eye,
“I want to keep some mystery, if you’re willing to try,”
“You gave your truth to me, so I give you this reply…”

Late Knight
up too late, need an escape,
no dreams for me
nor a beautiful voice to sing me to sleep,
nor gentle embrace of a lover’s arms,
to rub away all the harms,
just the light of this lonely screen,
yet all the world stares back at me
a connection it makes
beyond time and place
to faces unknown
but far from home
so few faces to see
and only Nothing
is free

I Would, Miss You
If Nothing Else, I Would, Miss You
My Heart’s Ideal A Match To
It’s One Life, Against One Will
I See Others Running To Stand Still
And I’ll Claw My Way Up This Hill
If Nothing Else, I Would, Miss You
Find a One-on-One To Make Two
A Woman Making Something Better
A Man Not Wanting a “Pet” Her
Everyday Wining And Dining
Sometimes Laughing, Sometimes Crying
My Core Is That Kind
If Nothing Else, I Will, Miss You
Find an Answer to How, When and Who
Past Misses Have Tears Dried
My Integrity is a Pride
But, Others Were Tried
If Nothing Else, I Will Remember
I Am My Reason, I Want To, Miss You

Reasons Why
how you would hold my hand when we walk
how you’re not afraid to say what you feel when we talk
how you squeeze my hand when I say something you like
how you give it your all, because there is no “try”
it isn’t any single thing you do
how you look, or or a single thought
it’s a forever thing that can’t be bought
there’s a million reasons why I love you
when my day brightens from your stellar smile
when your “I love you” keeps me inspired
when struggle only strengthens your resolve
when laughter slowly breaks down your walls
it’s the things you refuse to do
not the clothes you wear, or your beautiful prose
it’s how I’d feel with your head on my chest, cuddling close
there’s a million reasons for me to love you
who you are when the world is watching
who you listen to when everyone’s talking
who you see when you’re looking at me
who I am and who you wish me to be
it’s all the things, big and small, you do
it’s how I feel when I think of you
it’s holding out for love that’s true
You are why, the only reason I need, to love you

When I Think of You
When I think of you, you somehow come alive
Mistress of my dreams, the apparition for which I strive
I even talk with you, a conversation in my mind
your ghost in my machine, beauty to eyes that are blind
When I think of you, I struggle to believe
with all the world to choose from, you would still pick me
but when I look the other way
“I choose you” would be easy to say
’cause when I think of you, I think of what I see
the image in my mind’s eye of the spirit you wish to be
wondering if it’s the same, if for you, that ghost is me
as if we’re trapped in bodies, but dreams set our souls free
When I think of you, my wounds all seem mended
that soothing voice that speaks and all the pain is ended
and when I am there for you I feel so dark, yet so strong
perhaps that is what you need, and my concern is all wrong
Sometimes I think of you and believe you think of me
never had dreams before and now they’re dreams of we
this can’t be all made up, I know someday we’ll meet
until then, Dream Lover, I hope you and I both, sleep sweet

1000 Words
Worth a thousand words they say
I can’t speak one when you look my way
There goes that white dove, flapping its wings
overflowing with your beautiful ramblings
The come-hither eyes that pin my tongue
the knowing smile that steals breath from my lungs
a thousand words and I can’t speak one
the little look that crept in and nested
luscious adventure while I’m rested
if I had words I’d call you an Angel-thing
my love is a stage and you stole the scene
a thousand words, and none, I mean
does a word describe a feeling?
flow from the heart like a stream?
I don’t know how many it takes
or what it is these words make
a thousand words or only two
how ever many, they’re all for you
this one’s easy, and also true
all I can say is I _____ _____…

Your Smile
It breeds one of my own when I see yours
Not one of false happiness, or joy
A lack of it both Nature, and me, abhor
I try to forget, to get by without
Futility defined, missing what I adore
What can I do? What talents to employ?
My psyche’s addiction, I crave more
An automatic weapon, it carries clout
To any benevolent Deity I will implore
Please, to me, bestow one glimpse to my vision
The sunshine I need, but lost for awhile
Seeing the little things that tell when it’s real
The shine in your eyes, the natural style
Sacrifice myself, your happiness my intention
It is the reason, I abandon all denial
All mushy inside, I can’t deny what I feel
I live for me, but I yearn to be, why you

Cuddle Hard
Someone said I should get dirty
so here goes nuthin’
when it comes to you it’s always love-thirty
even when you’re fussin’
And when you’re scared I’ll cuddle you hard
and hold you long time
and if in public you have to fart
I promise I’ll say it’s mine
When you’re sick and feel like puke
I will barely make fun of ya, while I make you soup
and if I’m wrong and you had to shout
I promise I’ll still take the garbage out
And when life seems bleak and oh-so-empty
whether we’re poor or living in plenty
I swear to you we’ll still cuddle hard
whether it comes hell or high water,
super-quakes or falling stars,
or if the world just gets hotter
I’ll hold your hair when you’ve been drinking
and try not to sigh when you say, “Hun, I’ve been thinking”
If I talk to someone and I see you green with envy
I promise to hold your hand, so she knows who’s with me
And if I show wrath over what you may buy
it’s just your girly girl, and my pragmatic guy
If things go well and the world is at our feet
whatever the life, I will cuddle you hard
whether or not it is pretty and sweet
You can be my Venus, just dont leave me on Mars
Heaven forbid something happened, and you broke,
I’d bathe you and feed you by spoon, no joke
and no, this doesn’t make me a pushover
it just means I’m an everyday lover
if buyin ya 5 tires on your birthday isn’t sexy
give Us a few years, I’ll show ya, if ya let me
maybe this isn’t romance a’la run-of-the-mill
I’ll look into your eyes when I cuddle you hard
even if we’re grey, and, umm, over the hill?
if lovin’ you is wrong, then I’ll go full tard
not much to give, but I’ll finish what I start
money ain’t love, but passion’s all heart
why this bleak romance, the daily inane chatter?
no time for love, talk, or things that don’t matter?
when if you were hurt and covered in sores
I’d tell ya you’re beautiful, and call them whores
If you let me, I’ll cuddle you so hard
it’s your choice, take your pick
already dealt, you got the cards
what I think is needed is a good _______ ______…

In love with Love
I climb this hill, and sometimes stumble
a servant of Love, a struggle, but undaunted
awesome cosmic power, but human, and humble
my Ego takes over, when I am taunted
it’s a weakness, the child within
not the giant, with all that is flaunted
I will keep calm, this love will stay hidden
flawless, the imperfections all wanted
with you, forever, I am foolishly smitten

The Last Dance
I worked and I practiced to lose my two left feet
clumsy as a newborn I wobble and sway
an unnatural romance, moving to the beat
not easy for me, I was born and made this way
but I thought we might dance, the first time we meet
the floor isn’t empty, and I have fallen from grace
an elegant and classic beauty, you sweat charm
in silence, your movement makes music, and hearts race
A shudder escapes, as you wrap yourself in another’s arms
free to choose, not mine to lose, when that smile cracked your face
I didn’t listen to love songs before, they made no sense
Nothing to compare, now painfully aware, life on repeat
falling tears a bravo to your bittersweet reference
so I dance alone, myself, and my two left feet
an invisible partner, no one watching, no pretense
around I go, floating on air like Fred Astaire
without you, to make fun of me
I’m a dancing star, and nobody’s there
not even you, to make fun of me
so I dance alone, and tell myself I don’t care
to see you in anothers arms dancing, means you’re free
I said I wanted just one dance, and that is partly true
life, like the beat, still goes on unto infinity
just a chance, selflessness can feel so cruel
I just wanted your last dance to be for me
always another song, to dance on, with my arms empty
while you’re gone, I’ll dance on, and practice my steps
I will trust in music, what I hear and see, implicitly
and he holds you tight tonite, but there’s a song left
if he’s gone, and you dance on, there’s another dance for me

Miss Boss
Y’know it can’t be easy, walkin’ ’round in that body
To the eyes it’s pleasin’ even when you think it’s shoddy
comin’ up from nothin’, think it’s easy? hardly…
Goin’ with the flow, so few things that are steady
good people around, let’s rock-n-roll, are you ready?
Big girl panties? Check! you’re a number 1 Boss Lady
Body like a Strad violin, the head a triple threat
You got it right, through work, blood, tears and sweat
Now everybody’s wonderin’, “what will she do next?”
You’re a lady first, it’s their loss
barely worth a mention, this is the cost
gettin’ all kinds of attention, this happens to a boss
It’s love and respect, I ain’t no zombie
I’m just a soldier in the #BeYou army
This is a Miss sHot, let’s call it fair warning
Always so humble, let us do the talking
Keep your head up, we got you, keep walking
They may be hatin’ but they’re all still gawking
How nice for all, your treat, some booty shown
still there’s haters blowin’ up your phone?
Bet they like it when you say, “Eres un Chingon”
You’re a Lady first, this is the cost
They’re beggin’ for a mention, it’s their loss
Rulin’ their attention, this happens to a Boss
Life’s a Bitch, a joke that’s kinda funny
You’re a Queen, attracting bees to honey
Let all them get mad, you get your money
Go get ’em Tiger, this ain’t no Winnie the Pooh
And no, it’s not just me, we all believe, it’s true
If you ever need to ask, it’s ’cause I’m Me, and you’re Miss You

you are dynamite and outtasight
but never out of mind
kinda right, make it light
Love is more than a line
more like light, thought right,
and electrons share time
face is pretty, frame is tight
might be wrong, but I’ll call you Mine
even if you leave tonight
more like a cave, not like the slave
you’re the one with the treasure
digging it is a pleasure
you know the cost of bein’ a Boss
more than a slacker, we’ll call you Whip-Cracker
more than a whistle, I’m a heat-seeking missle
target acquired, that’s where I go
Hottest on radar, Lady you’re Fuego!

your damselfly, my dragonfly
seasons bring you distress
and like Mr. West, I’ll help you outta that dress
just remember, it takes 2 to ask, “why?”

I Want To
I want to share moments with you
starting over so the old can become new
show me why
pretend I’m blind
I want to help each other up, life inhaled
turbocharged joy, fear of failure, strangled
show me why
seduce my mind
I want to cook meals with you, and laugh while we eat it
and hold those memories of laughter when solace is needed
show me why
reply in kind
I want to hold your hand while we walk in the park
and feel the touch of your lips under the stars
show me why
your eyes shine
I want to wake up and feel the caress of your eyes
and take comfort knowing between us there’s no lies
show me why
our souls entwine
I want to break out of this loving daydream
because Lover, ain’t nothin’ like the real thing
show me why
I’m not sublime
I want to share a life, help carry you through the trials
and be there to bask in all of your smiles
I’ve told you why
I would call you “mine”
you don’t have to tell the world
but in this oyster, you’re my precious pearl
break the rules, rebel, be more
and tell me why
you would call me “yours”

This isn’t a game I play
a connection to you brings it out this way
it’s sorta like your identity
or whatever brings it out in me
and though I may indulge myself
I’d like to indulge someone else
I haven’t always been so free
if my indulgence affronts, then
please, pardon me
but if you see, that these words make
something like birthday cake
I’m not hiding behind a disguise
and these are puppy-dog eyes
for whatever offense I truly am sorry
I keep getting asked if we are talking, are we?

Second Chance
Even the best of us forget some things,
Words are just air pushed over the tongue and through the lips,
and making Love is more than just rubbing hips
Action is only the extent of our want,
usually backed by a need
Fortune is luck that we flaunt,
and work is fortune in deed
If error a fallen angel makes,
then fallen I have, for the best of mistakes
But if that shine is still in your eyes,
then from the depths, in brilliance,
I’ll rise

The First Kiss
I’m that person you laid eyes upon
that someone you need to go to any length
a solid shoulder to lean on
a stalwart source of strength
when your inner stuff seems gone
a love deep, and totally unfeigned
the kind you want that isn’t always hard
a velvet rock to hold so that you can rest
someone to whom you let down your guard
a safe haven for your souls’ unrest
a gentle massage to help your heart’s scars
a choice to make, and you chose the best
to know oneself is something quite deep
the quiet strength that is out of sight
the kind of courage to make a Lover’s Leap
speaking softly, with quiet might
a love indeed and a love complete
the kind of rock-solid that lasts all night
your last dance, your always and only one
a presence that gives you something to miss
sometimes away from you, but never gone
your Storybook Love, with a plot twist
me, without you, leaves something undone
so hard not to smile when you playfully resist
feels so right, it could be a love song
our first meeting was also our first kiss

Arm in Arm
don’t walk behind me, I need you by my side
don’t walk in front of me, it’s a distraction I can’t hide
just walk beside me, your hand in mine
whisper in my ear, so I can whisper back the line
walk right next to me, like equals usually do
I can’t realize the full extent of Me, without You

this isn’t going into notes
it might disappear in the masses
this is for you Lovergirl
the distraction? well, your ass is 😉

Not Alone
it’s not just me when I’m alone,
somehow you’re there too
hard to tell if we’re fighting each other,
my love will be there for you
I watched you walk away twice, with grace
third time’s the charm, with haste,
I got time, you got a place?
all I have, is all I will ever be
you walked away with my heart in your pocket
care to share it with the rest of me?

So My Love
as I fall and ponder the extent of my Leap
My mind thinks back to the promise you’d keep
and if I’m Prince Charming in your eyes
or I am just like the other guys
despite our uncommon link
or what anyone else might think
would your answer be the same
even if “my Love” came after your name?
not just a lovesick boy
Women get bored with toys
it would truly honor me
to be a part of your family
and if you worry about the mess
Natural beauty is always best
it’s about time, don’t walk away
So my, uhh, Love, what do ya say?

I sit behind the veil of my eyes
remembering the gift of your smile
and in the final of these tries
you gave a gift to last awhile

a piece of you from which I’ll never part
a good soul, a caring, loving person of Light
the burning pain of the beauty in you, that amazing heart
burns inside from knowing, you could care for the rest of your life

thank you for the attention, meant most deeply
sticking around through this torturous fight
and you inspired where before I did feebly
a Princess is rarely approached by only one knight

for what it’s worth, friend or foe, wrong or right
you really, really did change my life

Miss Kitty
Oh Miss Kitty I see you now, from across this place
Although you woke me up right in my face
Oh Miss Kitty I saw you then, I tried to play
I held back, then pounced like a toy
then you reminded, kitties like to play their way
tricks are for kids you silly boy
so how in the world to get a kitty to be frisky?
when felines will sleep, just to seem busy
Maybe sing the song from Mighty Mouse
maybe the kitty will just want to pounce
after all, it is random when I walk by
and kitty swipes, saying, “I got you guy!”
oh wait, I’ve got just the right tool
something from back in techy old school
out comes the laser just like Buck Rogers
or for us who remember, more like Duck Dodgers
it sat on your paw for quite some time
words a distraction, did you notice the rhyme?
ahh but the dot, the stoic facade did crack
this after the white hair on my shirts, all black
oh the red dot is fun for days
oh please Miss Kitty, be the kind that plays
for just a few moments be free of worry
just be a kitty, cute and furry
but then you left, I guess, went on your way
I wanted to possibly play another day
even though I had touched your paw
you didn’t even bare your claws
Kittys are funny, they’re on their own
unlike dogs, they don’t chase the bone
mostly, they like to come back to you, and home
this kitty went out to play with the world
her head high, her tail unfurled
I chased after her, like a boy would a girl
kittys are fast, and like Ninjas, see
and that lil kitty got away from me
but smiles are infectious, a promise of hope
chase a kitty and they run you big dope
a new toy for kitty to play with me?
maybe I’m wrong, and she’s not a kitty
oh quite pretty when her eyes get all round
and that isn’t a meowing sound, I think I get it now
shall we play Merry-Go-Round Broke Down?

Puppy Power
The little ball of fur, so nosy, so cute, the canine eyes so strong
so much hair, so much life, so feisty for such a little one
The silvery coat, a shimmer, a light when all seems so dark and wrong
who knew a thing so small could be so much fun
I climb a tree, rest in a branch like a cat
from below she looks at me like, “”Why’d you do that?”
“Come down!” it seems she wishes to say
her and I are pals each and every day
when danger is close, she is always there to fight for me
the growls are so cute, her bared teeth so shiny
and she feels only a longing for me,
the partner, the master, the love that must be
waiting, hoping, patiently
that I will be back, to share our life so lovingly
whatever I do, be it for good or ill
this ball of fur will love me still
fur doesn’t understand why I’m gone for awhile
but when I return, I’ll get that toothy smile
when curled up in my lap, I never want to move
I don’t want to interrupt her snooze
Now I’m back, Oh what Joy! what a day!
I was so sad, and she just wants to play
finding my stresses sort of, washed away
funny how a ball of fur can be so right, can make my day
I almost feel wrong, wishing I could find a love like that
A person that can wear the loving dog hat
how long would they wait, to get their bone?
would they still be so happy when I come home?
enthusiasm that makes me giggle
so much love, so much wiggle
alas, I wonder for far away I be
if they have the same thoughts of me
My heart knows they’re out there, waiting, hoping
Please don’t go crazy from all of this coping
again I digress, I have what I need to know, love is out there for me
when in doubt I know I just need to look into the eyes of my puppy
when time has passed, her furs’ color gone silver
she’ll rest easy, because she’ll know I’m with her
when gone, what remains for me
the little ball of fur, and me, in the tree

Grrr Baby
Oh, you want to call out this?
may as well blow me a kiss
someone tryin’ to tempt me, humm,
a little mimic time, well, umm…
Talkin’ ’bout the things she do
wonder who she’s dreamin’ of, you?
ask her when she get that stare
and wonder quietly why her finger’s there
keep talkin’ like the gift is sleaze
it’s ’cause of you? boy, on your knees
take one shot, run and done?
this was over before I won
aww, look, he’s new, sure looks like fun
step back, take a look, be grateful son
what, you wear her like some crown?
back up kid, that’s a royalty gown
you still think it’s you that she dreams of pleasin’?
ask her again who is feelin’ her squeezin’
Naw, all good, I’m just teasin’
but look, there’s still one more reason
to me she’s a Lady, and you call her a whore
you talk like it’s you that gets her Slick
I’m the one she goes goosh for
and she has only seen my …

You touched me inside once
your siren’s call heard from afar
didn’t know it was to make me into a dunce
I’m not reaching for your star
I was hoping for your heart
and sharing your soul
instead I got a shart
and some crap from a bull
perhaps I am a jewel you hold close
the hopeful future you keep unspoken
be unique, not just another one of “those”
playing with hearts just gets them broken
you are right, kindness isn’t lame
I am a bit jaded, and you are too
so many other women are the same
there is no other woman quite like you
when you reach into my chest
to make me feel better, you keep alive
what should have died with the rest
I already died once, a poorly thought dive
Bold, brash, and ballsy, and a little rash
grateful to have lived quite a life
something left to give, was I right about the crash?
please just respect, it is more than my heart, It’s My Life

Fair Warning
When borrowing, be careful what you do
With that lent by the man who’s blue
the gift of rhyme
you know is mine
given, to share time
You would dare to stand above
whilst I am held back by Love
Do your job, keep your eyes peeled
Life’s cherry, without the pit, for ne’er steeled
keep Love protected, when out in the field
when you reached out to touch me
you left no quarter in which to flee
My love is encompassing, don’t be mistaken
This is a warning, real, and blatant
Nothing to hide, a face most graven
set in motion, my insurance is churning
no place to hide, with the whole world burning
Do your duty, to self, to God and to country
on the same side, if hurt, on your Honor, we’re hunting
The world needs help, I have things to do
if I must do them alone, keep Love with you
these cracks in my heart will let light through
do all you must, and keep Love from harm
whilst I go around, and grant my charm
and though my actions may seem drastic
I got the attention of the Power on the Atlantic
hope and pray they listen to Mr. Fantastic
those that know find it hard to believe
those that don’t, wonder what’s up my sleeve
The sunny disposition I had to eschew
to get them to listen to the man who is Blue
The Hammer is a shield, and you know what to do
Do not waste the time that is reluctantly given
or doubt the motives of a man who is driven
here to proclaim, this is Not, the only life
fishers of men, you got, and took a bite
Elegant and brief, this Time I got right
for all to see, open and free, I’ve given the sign
and maybe, just maybe, forsaken the Love that was mine
if this is my fate, the destiny for which I am chosen
in the vastness of space, time and hearts can get frozen
remember the hidden heart and soul, the Cosmic Watchman
and the dusty rose for your hair
because stars are born there
Why go silent, when you have so much to say
I am Okay participating in all sorts of play
when escalated, it will happen My Way
not just for me, the future and choice I concede
but I will be damned if, for me, that choice not be free

Push me away
keeping me at arms length
may seem to require strength
there is more strength and grace
in holding, and keeping, an embrace
leave your career behind
when touching a heart, soul, and mind
release the past, in order to make it last
believe in new love, unburdened by what’s passed
I know you define the new by what you had
whatever they were, not everyone is bad
a loving, caring, fighting heart is not a weakness
made of inner fiber and tears, bending, you can’t break this
I’ve been beat down before, pissing blood and bruises
while others laughed, thinking, “he can’t do this”
and all this time I’ve stood my ground
believing in those good people around
perhaps I should have started walking
or at least opened up and started talking
now so many know, and the floodgates have opened
and again I must start, tempered and hardened
and again in my life I am hurt, the face by which I’m haunted
a dagger in the heart, I cannot escape, this pain unwanted
lucky for me my mind is strong, and my soul too
I still appreciate the beauty, will, and heart that is you
please do me this favor, stop omissive lies
if unrequited, cut all the ties
I am just one, in a sea of masses
respect for the one, well, that’s what Class is
appreciate and love, even from afar
these psychic chains binding, wherever you are
I know you remember that girl Goin’ In
and the other guy during the fantasy of sin
I could easily be wrong, but still I asked
just don’t leave this hero hurt, and, unmasked

not everything printed is true
this I already knew
thank you for your honesty
even if you didn’t choose me
you’re a lady in deed
and a lady to me
please do your run this eve
in the usual place they meet
perhaps shake my hand
or at least say hi to an inspired fan
thanks again, you changed my life
I guess lightning doesn’t strike twice
thanks also for sharing your beauty
and showing honor in duty
fortunate are you both, to have one another
I hope I gained a sister, and brother
my congratulations, and hat’s off to you
love her like she deserves, and you him too…

Sleep Sweetly, Without Me
Make no mistake, I am nice, but not your friend
No animosity, but that’s where I end
with an artist, not breaking, just bent
in spanglish, with artist, time spent
I can hear, see, and feel you, and all the content
I am sorry, the misunderstanding, but honest I am
Betrayal is funny, and yes, yes you CAN
I am a grown up child, in the fields of the Lord I play
my ideas are for everyone, but money gets my formulae
shared ideas in a manner most brief
only the beginning, yet everyday I speak
an embrace from a mind that encompasses the world
yet so human I pine for that one girl
but honor, it binds me, I will not lie
words got me tangled, but in truth I reside
with all that goes on, I deserve the front page
set boundaries on games, this life is the stage
Love is a weapon, and Love is a friend
and thanks my Love, but now the words end…

My Heart Bleeds Tears
When I was young, I would cry when faced with my fears
it was the only way I knew to express the pain
sad, hurt, or frightened, it all felt the same
to deal with it, to show my hurt, my eyes would bleed tears
———– *————————————————————
then I was teen aged, and very few things in life were clear
don’t show your feelings, you’ll get beat, it means you’re weak
you’ll get taken advantage of, with your penis you must speak
Then I learned how to keep bruises from making me bleed tears
I grew up a bit, and thought courage meant Fighting my fears
I learned to be afraid, not of pain, but of the love inside I felt
unsure, uncertain, loving someone I didn’t know, it was hell
every night I knew, it was my heart, not my eyes, that bled tears
Betrayal was next, all that claims to be good, and true, is not what it appears
false friends, fake tests, their fears, “do something young man!”
truth withheld, divided I fell, on claims of honor they tried to stand
despite the flaws, and the cause, duty upheld, now my eyes bleed dry tears
I lost myself, for someone else, now a worldly mind, and passage of years
Corruption, suffering, and inequality punctuate the societies of our life
emotions are strength, a blessing, and what gets us through all the strife
I can feel so I live, my crooked smile I give, while my heart bleeds its tears

if there’s a summer meltdown, I will sally fourth
militant beat, cheers from the north
dumb enough to be relentless
crazy enough to be fearless
sometimes cold, never heartless
never been able to hide in a crowd
I guess I just live out loud
no matter what occurs,
these words are for her
I will find you

Trolls, trolls
to the Trolls, large and wee
and the friends I can also see
I continue to post so that I feel free
this venue works for the time being
better in person, my voice helps make me
I am only askin’, a humble inquiry
I can do more, help in so many ways
I don’t ask for me, I must, this is the phase
I am lacking a language, comes out wrong it seems
I wasn’t joking when I said my eyes see my dreams
I like research but there’s something missing
I don’t need to run, just ready after the pissing
I’ve seen some of those who are there with some lessons
we can do it, for all them, to me, that’s what a friend is
it’s not just expediency, I get why there’s shade
whatever comes out, it wont just be Man-made
this is just a plea, not just for me, I got, and found it
in the end, freedom really means unbounded…

To the Miss Sister who was nice:
It doesn’t matter what you do
It is about what makes you, You
So work it girl, sell that jewelry
Lighten up to tomfoolery
You seem really nice
Sugar, not spice
I am happy you remember me
Not as someone who likes you, “sisterly”
I laugh with you, not at you
It’s funny how jokes get us through
And in case you wonder about me
No, not really three times daily
Maybe all these poems seem a little lame
It’s a family thing, a little love game

Random Responses

Oh those who are finding out,
what was done, and what it’s about
so let me please answer these
in a way slightly bounded
“I did it because I liked it”
it’s as real as this gets
in case you misunderstand
where my thoughts are at
your name rhymes here
and still it doesn’t, y’like that?
the One Lady who I’ve kept quiet
thank you, I’m glad you tried it
no response must be frustrating
I guess we’re commiserating
You’re needed in certain places
Your fussy flirtations are flattering
“I told ya” and Miss Kitty
Thanks for chatting
I’ve told you what I’m wanting
And yes, I’ve heard you flaunting
Do you carry that card everywhere?
I’ve listened since before we went walking
The man who gave me the pen
of course I will put you in
the Tao of Physics
Teary eyed with this
You gave me something new too
Thanks for honoring promises
Some others who heard me
And don’t need to be seen,
as a last resort hopefully
and no more pinching
the cherubic smiles
I was so happy to see
I will do my part
Play my cards
And get myself as ready
As I suppose I will ever be
To take on the world!
And show them my beauty

this isn’t for her,
this is for the others
thanks for the messages,
and you can have your druthers
but if I had mine
I’ll tell ya what I’d do
I’d sit around and chat
to get to know you
sorta like Marilyn said
when those poor kids
wound up dead
I needn’t tell you anything
I’d try to listen instead
that’s why he’s a king
I am Okay
when in the spotlight,
the constant burn
I just don’t like
I’d rather have the daylight
the sun on my face
just feels right
I don’t need
to own the night
I would rather just
own the truth
relax in the shade
and have some fruit
and please,
don’t think me crass
I own myself, take your $
and stick it up your ____
but when you are a friend to me
and you have something
that others can’t see
and I know the truth about the heart of you
there is no price
I wouldn’t think twice
back to back
or eye to eye
hopefully ready
to kill or die
to keep that heart from breaking in two
because there are things meant for you
and things that I am good at too
there’s little I ask, you will see
except that you would also protect me
and then we can look and not see where the end is
and hey, that’s one definition of what a friend is…

The Cals
There once were two brothers named Cal
while at the zoo, they watched me climb a tree
then their mom got in a tiff with me
I walked away, with nothing to say
no anger or hate, she was a really good gal
I do wonder often where those boys are and who they may be
last I knew we wrestled and played, they were so happy to see me
and forever to them, for me, I am the And-he-monkey
I would let them know all the good things I feel
whatever the story, this stuff in my heart is Real
all the obstacles life puts in the way
I will wait, and maybe shake their hand another day

I saw it now, and I’ve seen it before
lines gathered up by twosies
sorta like, “fly like goosies!”
I just wish it shows what’s in store
I’m goin’ all-in for us
tattoo that says, “together or bust”
and our lovebird can cry, “Forevermore!”