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Dear Jon

Better late than never
Here for your pleasure
A teeny endeavor
For the best fake news host ever

Dear Jon,

Is this what you call goodbye?
I mean, it seems like only last century you said hi
and I never would have envisioned
how much you helped with my Indecision
and like the holiday tree mission
you’ve become a bit of a family tradition
Come on man
none of this was planned
think of the kids
your unborn fans
I never had a problem with your infidelity
even that one affair with, what’s his name, Stevie?
It really was those daily doses
you’d show us of those calling farts roses
and I always looked forward
to your indecent exposures
every evening when we got cozy
I’m not mad
just a little sad
I hope you’re happy
I’ll pretend to be glad
but if this must be the end I will dry my eyes
I’ll keep my chin up, and the pain inside
if for everything there is a season
and even this has a reason
and all of the hope that you’re teasin’
to avoid the pain of you leavin’
don’t you give a damn?
I’m sorry, I hope you understand
It’s just that, well
We fucking love you man!

Healthcare Reform

Healthcare Reform. My personal take from my other blog. We are now financially invested in each other’s health. there is business opportunity here, and some less happy implications also.

Africa, Poop, Waste, and Common Needs

Africa, Poop, Waste, and Common Needs.

there are many small and large scale examples of these ideas working separately already, in developed, and underdeveloped nations.

North Korea’s Bratty Emperor.

Ever notice how fast bad stories disappear from mainstream news?

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