this isn’t for her,
this is for the others
thanks for the messages,
and you can have your druthers
but if I had mine
I’ll tell ya what I’d do
I sit around and chat
to get to know you
sorta like Marilyn said
when those poor kids
wound up dead
I needn’t tell you anything
I’d try to listen instead
that’s why he’s a king
I am Okay
when in the spotlight,
the constant burn
I just don’t like
I’d rather have the daylight
the sun on my face
just feels right
I don’t need
to own the night
I would rather just
own the truth
relax in the shade
and have some fruit
and please,
don’t think me crass
I own myself, take your $
and stick it up your ____
but when you are a friend to me
and you have something
that others can’t see
and I know the truth about the heart of you
there is no price
I wouldn’t think twice
back to back
or eye to eye
hopefully ready
to kill or die
to keep that heart from breaking in two
because there are things meant for you
and things that I am good at too
there’s little I ask, you will see
except that you would also protect me
and then we can look and not see where the end is
and hey, that’s one definition of what a friend is…