I have never been looked in the eyes and told
I am beautiful
that’s OK, I am not the only one
I would prefer it be meaningful
sometimes saying something,
is getting something done
I am Unfinished, a work in progress
if you can’t see my beauty
that is OK, I am not done yet
you aren’t my strength, I am, truly
and my belief in me is all I need,
but not all I want, you can bet
I am Unfinished, my luster has tarnished
Years have left me weathered
some care will make me shine
sometimes old leather is better
and a patina’s story of past glory
gives beauty to the battle against time
I am Unfinished, the order is not written
the marathon goes on as I get on my feet
everyone makes it to the end
many I will meet, but not all I can keep
it isn’t who won, it’s about how you run
and how well you earn the title “Friend”
I am Unfinished, my mold was broken
I am created through me
what I do, and what’s left
maybe not your kind of beauty
to see, isn’t to Be, yet try to perceive
until I take that last breath
Unfinished, I will always be