Beautiful, To Me
when I think of it, it is kind of funny
how you can suck the confidence right out of me
I lose my eloquence, and put things bluntly
in my eyes you shine so brightly
but I can’t tell you all I see, only that you’re
Beautiful, to me
You have beauty but are also different
so much more than just pretty
and more than independent
all the physical doesn’t usually faze me
yet you draw out my compliments
and happily you enthrall me mentally
presence in my mind, your sweet malevolence
I fear you have no thoughts like these
and that you won’t love intelligence
because your heart, soul, and mind are
Beautiful, to me
I know how to love, and I can create
I do not fear action, but I do over-contemplate
is it just me that can see all that we could be?
not exactly alike, our differences educate
Fresh, new and fun, I don’t want a duplicate
I know simple, not easy, and you’re so fancy
But I am constant, a dreamer that’s dedicated
a partner in time, a life, collaborated
an unbelievable dream, yet awake, free, and
Beautiful, to me
so I look, to feel a pinch, see a reflection
I am blinded, but trying to see
imagining this link is a coming attraction
you know choosing me is choosing freely
no others in my heart, an easy eviction
a commitment of choice, a happy indemnity
blurring my focus, a bittersweet distraction
attack my senses, break my solemnity
facing the fears, I give my prediction
if years turn to tears, you will continue to be
Beautiful, to me
with all I have said, what will you do?
One is the loneliest number, but a pair makes two
are these arms you would snuggle into?
not insecurity, I explore for the truth
perhaps what I should be asking is,
Am I Beautiful, to You?