Another recipe for everyone who takes the time to look.

I love spicy, and this recipe is spicy, just a warning:

Ingredients List:

1 chicken breast – thawed and diced  142 calories   (

2 or 3 leaves of Romaine lettuce – chopped   Option: Chopped Spinach for the protein and vitamin content  14 cals (outer leaf) (spinach – 20 cals)

1 sweet pepper, chopped (I use a different color every time for variety)  30 cals

1/4 to 1/2 cup sliced mushrooms – I am on a low/no dairy diet, these are a great source of vitamin D, I like sliced baby portobellos, or criminis   20 calories(1/2 cup)

2-3 slices (1/8 inch thick) from a jalapeno – diced (lots of vitamin C!) approximately 10 calories (35g)

1 slice of an onion (I prefer purple, or red I believe they are called)   15 calories

1/4 cup grated parmesan  Option: Feta instead   122 calories (1oz, a lot!)  (feta: 75 calories per oz)

8-10 Beanitos Black Bean tortilla chips, any flavor will do, even regular tortilla chips, but the black bean ones have tons of protein, and much less calories  8 chips = 90 calories

calories total at this point: 443, protein value is close to 35g, carbs is about 15g, and fat is about 20g. if you go with feta, or drop the cheese altogether, you are barely above 300 cals, about 25 g of protein, same carbs, and about 10g of fat. Adding other veggies adds minimal calorie, but it will add a lot more volume.

Options: I have used diced carrots (10 cals per TBS) for a little more crunch, also chopped brussel sprouts (8 cals per sprout) (mini cabbages), edamame (42 cals per oz, but a lot of beneficial nutrients), and chopped cauliflower (7 cals per oz). Cherry tomatoes (5 cals per tomatoe) make a great addition at the end also

Spice rub: Paprika, garlic powder, yellow curry powder, sea salt, cayenne powder, ground & dried basil,nutmeg,  ground lemon peel in order of volume and weight, I love the smokey flavor paprika brings, and the nutmeg gives it a unique flavor, but be light with your hand, it is potent 🙂

after patting chicken dry with a paper towel, thoroughly coat it in the rub, I use a small bowl for this. start sauteeing in some olive oil (or grapeseed, coconut oil adds a unique flavor too) approx. 100 cals per TBS

I add the remaining ingredients in this way, as I cook with gas: mushrooms and jalapeno, chopped pepper and 1/2 of onion slice

I use the chopped lettuce as a bed on top of the crushed chips, and then place the other half of the onion slice (still raw) around the greens

after a good sauteeing, add the pan contents to the top, put cheese and/or tomatoes to that and you have a 1 person meal that is filling, nutritious, and yummy!

I put the Bustelo instant coffee in for scale