If you feel free, then question everything
When you try to live your life peacefully
then the dogs of war hit home unexpectedly
when you lose the things your world was right for
your only left with rage, and something to fight for
we’re fighting for ghosts, we’re righteous soldiers
We won’t be idle any longer, we’re making stances
and when we march on you, we’ll make advances
no matter what you think, this ain’t our last dance
we’ll cut a wide swath, a Golden Army flood
the cost of being an Angel, is paid in blood
for every angel on our side, there’s a deep cut
we’ve got marching orders, the piper needs to be paid up
so get up, load up, strap up, lace up and face up
put those fists, barrels, legs and blades straight up
don’t get in our path, we’re marching all the way up
there’s no leader, but when asked who gives the orders
everyone looks forward, and points their finger at me
I call the shots, fighting on the front lines
the honor’s mine only after we’ve gained Victory
I ain’t afraid of you, I got nothin’ to lose and that includes face
trying to step to us, now you’re eating dust, crushed and in your place
good friends behind me, my righteous army, enemies fear our dark embrace
Back to back, ready to throw down, an army of you to reap and sow now
no fear, no surrender, whatever we meet, we’ll taste victory’s sweet kiss
so when I call out “Push Forward or retreat?”, I want you to call out this…
I got your six – Five Finger Death Punch