Wanna try to command what isn’t yours?
Stop your demands, and let me know how that goes
and show me how loud you can bark on all fours
I am my own man, I don’t need another mother
I have myself, my principles, and my brothers
coming after me, well, watch your knows

you wanna play games, or control emotionally?
I got your number kid, I had it a long time ago
and trust me when I say they got it wrong on TV
and your logic starts with psycho and ends with all Y
so stop pretending that without me, you know why
and how long do you think I will let this go?

And if you’re one who thought that I was a hard read
I wanted to find out why I could hear you I suppose
and trust me Tootsie, you were an easy read for me
now I know what to look for, and what I’ll find
I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, this crown is mine
and now you know where your opinion goes…