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Random Responses

Random Responses

Oh those who are finding out,
what was done, and what it’s about
so let me please answer these
in a way slightly bounded
“I did it because I liked it”
it’s as real as this gets
in case you misunderstand
where my thoughts are at
your name rhymes here
and still it doesn’t, y’like that?
the One Lady who I’ve kept quiet
thank you, I’m glad you tried it
no response must be frustrating
I guess we’re commiserating
You’re needed in certain places
Your fussy flirtations are flattering
“I told ya” and Miss Kitty
Thanks for chatting
I’ve told you what I’m wanting
And yes, I’ve heard you flaunting
Do you carry that card everywhere?
I’ve listened since before we went walking
The man who gave me the pen
of course I will put you in
the Tao of Physics
Teary eyed with this
You gave me something new too
Thanks for honoring promises
Some others who heard me,
and don’t need to be seen,
as a last resort hopefully
and no more pinching
the cherubic smiles
I was happy to see
I will do my part
Play my cards
And get myself as ready
As I suppose I will ever be
To take on the world!
And show them my beauty

J. Kinison

J. Kinison
Oh the time that has passed
I kinda want to say “Holy Crap!”
It’s good to see you up there man!
it wasn’t always easy for you and your fam
I hope you’re getting paid too, damn
and no, I never forgot your name
not since the night I took the blame
that stuff you made, the Talkies
I like it, damn you’re funny!
I never sweated the small things
Kinda crazy, and now you know
what it’s like to be a hero
If I read it right, you had my back
man, I want to thank you for that
don’t hesitate if you ever need a hand
glad to see how far you’ve come
all that working looks more like fun
and let’s not talk about that other stuff
I am happy for you, and all your success
and that you’ve made it working your interest
a tip of the hat to you, sir
I hope it’s all kind of a blur
and really, how small a world
But, anyway, thanks for everything
glad to see you’re still up-and-coming
and all of the recurring themes
and Honor is indeed, a virtue

P.S.- Turd

So, I Don’t Know…

The paper I posted, and the video that argued had the same author
that’s why I looked and found her, and the paper graciously turned over
I know who was around when I heard the sound of my name,
It was good friends, trying their hand, in hope, deed, and aim
The Video for a voice, try not to hate
but, We are legion, reverberate
and the BBQ to guard your grill
was in the yard of a good friend still
when I called out the 4, it was clockwise, at that time
The plus wasn’t finished, and you made it the sign
left to right, then bottom to top, only finished one line
I called what your eyes saw, it’s kinda rude otherwise
now please excuse, in some views, pride equals riches
fucking explain that shit bitches
the prestige, and the crown, are mine

More Than A Little Mad

More Than A Little Mad
Everyone has a reason for doing
Whatever’s needed to get them moving
When affection sings the highest of tones
Then deception steals the blood from bones
Live and let live, I am who I am
and I’m more than a little mad
Your visions of living enslave me
Forgotten, hiding, hidden, crazy
living in light, living the role
Your empty life, me plugging the hole
The Hatter has voices that I understand
Haha, heehee, I’m more than a little Mad
Banded together, a righteous conspiracy
How many required to fight uncourageously
Control is restraint when wielding power
Vengeance is fleeting when everyone cowers
I’ll take you all with me if I can
Oh yes, I’m more than a little mad
We’re in this together, no one’s leaving
One Earth, all life, sustainably balancing
Sacrifice propels the forward momentum
As good as time allows, there is no perfection
Scarred but grateful for what I have
Alive, I’m more than a little mad

Shine through Me

Shine Through Me
So, they wonder where it came from, and where’d it go?
A little prodding and poking to make him go, get him to show?
Like it’s some friday night entertainment,
or more nefarious intent
Have you stopped to think of what it would be like
not just for everyone else but for the one with the Eye?
if a lack of confidence is what’s not right
then this world needs my light
Knowledge is what is important, I hold up the candle in the dark
all I see is a simple room. spartan and stark
From here though ripples are made, from quasars and quarks
and what Flavor of Domination can be spun from Strange, Color, Charm and spark
I giggle a little, some reluctant glee, Truthfully, when I see
That good Bottoms are made in a Beauty Factory
That’s enough now, no more Itch Marketing
or pretending a Scratch Ticket is an Ego thing
But if they want to know how I do it
well, put me to the tests, c’mon, let’s do this!
I’ve got some ideas of how it works
but there’s bigger concerns to think of first.
I really do find all of the irony funny
and yeah, I really do want the money
About the song, and who was doing all the talking
Why, it was YOU that was flustered and squawking
and for that question about the lonely night
stop asking me, and take a look to your side
that’s who brought me there, to her utter delight
And a serious moment, for this one’s not mine
but for good people, who thought they lost time
and the lady singing so loud, “This little light of mine”
“You’re so beautiful, and yes, I’m fine”
I can’t make out the rest, her voice is hard to discern
I don’t have much to go on, from you I must learn
if they cant hear what I say,
remember, where there’s a Will, there’s a way
I love to laugh, but this isn’t fame
If I am even close to right, does it seem like a game?
and now I fear the candle grows dim
I can barely see the room I’m in
I hear nothing, no matter how hard I listen
My jaw clenches, my resolve stiffens
if this is how it must be
then by the Dark Energy of Possibility
this light will shine through me!

I Want To

I Want To
I want to share moments with you
starting over so the old can become new
show me why
pretend I’m blind
I want to help each other up, life inhaled
turbocharged joy, fear of failure, strangled
show me why
seduce my mind
I want to make meals with you, and laugh while we eat it
and hold those memories of laughter when solace is needed
show me why
reply in kind
I want to hold your hand while we walk in the park
and feel the touch of your lips under the stars
show me why
your eyes shine
I want to wake up and feel the caress of your eyes
and take comfort knowing between us there’s no lies
show me why
our souls entwine
I want to break out of this loving daydream
because Lover, ain’t nothin’ like the real thing
show me why
I feel sublime
I want to share a life, help carry you through the trials
and be there to bask in all of your smiles
I’ve told you why
I would call you “mine”
you don’t have to tell the world
but in this oyster, you’re my precious pearl
break the rules, rebel, be more
and tell me why
you would call me “yours”

What am I?

Perhaps the greatest question to be answered is: What am I? Not who, not where, but What. Saying, I am human, or mammal, just requires more definition, the greatest personal answer is when you no longer have to keep defining. I am a collection of tiny pieces, all put together to form a whole, and that whole has an energy I call a soul, or spirit, or consciousness. I am my atoms, and their building blocks are connected, throughout space and time, entangled either directly or indirectly, to all others, especially the galactic centers, where light is often diverged from the gravitational pull and tearing at/near the event horizon. there are photons in black holes that are frozen in time, whilst their entangled counterparts whiz all across the universe, and when those photons encounter something, they instantaneously transfer information to the black hole. Perhaps a black hole could be considered a timeless consciousness… if there are enough particles gathered together, why not? we are just atoms all bound together… It is perfectly logical to say that “I am not conscious” as it is true, each piece is not, however, at some point, those individual pieces hit a criticality, and consciousness is achieved  and only a full stopping of the physical process stops it, or does it? After all, energy is neither created nor destroyed, so where does that energy go? if we are to count the universe as “All”, then like consciousness, considering the number of pieces, which could be called “Not”, means that the pieces are more than the whole, meaning that which is contained within is greater than the sum of its parts. Synergy is when the sum of the parts is greater than the whole, Fractal, lacking a better term (perhaps a vocabulary issue) means the whole is less than the sum of parts. which means that there is a huge potentiality for structure within the boundaries of such a system. If you can have such a system where the pieces are more than the sum (again, lacking a good vocabulary for description) then the capability for structure, especially self similar ones, is nearly unlimited, holding an Infinity in the palm of your hand, like a Serpinski Square, or perhaps things like the Mandlebrot Set can show some of the boundaries. After all, it is the pieces that escape the boundary levels that make all the beauty… continued another day…

#RandomRamblings of a scientist-poet-theist but not deist…

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