More Than A Little Mad
Everyone has a reason for doing
Whatever’s needed to get them moving
When affection sings the highest of tones
Then deception steals the blood from bones
Live and let live, I am who I am
and I’m more than a little mad
Your visions of living enslave me
Forgotten, hiding, hidden, crazy
living in light, living the role
Your empty life, me plugging the hole
The Hatter has voices that I understand
Haha, heehee, I’m more than a little Mad
Banded together, a righteous conspiracy
How many required to fight uncourageously
Control is restraint when wielding power
Vengeance is fleeting when everyone cowers
I’ll take you all with me if I can
Oh yes, I’m more than a little mad
We’re in this together, no one’s leaving
One Earth, all life, sustainably balancing
Sacrifice propels the forward momentum
As good as time allows, there is no perfection
Scarred but grateful for what I have
Alive, I’m more than a little mad