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J. Kinison

J. Kinison
Oh the time that has passed
I kinda want to say “Holy Crap!”
It’s good to see you up there man!
it wasn’t always easy for you and your fam
I hope you’re getting paid too, damn
and no, I never forgot your name
not since the night I took the blame
that stuff you made, the Talkies
I like it, damn you’re funny!
I never sweated the small things
Kinda crazy, and now you know
what it’s like to be a hero
If I read it right, you had my back
man, I want to thank you for that
don’t hesitate if you ever need a hand
glad to see how far you’ve come
all that working looks more like fun
and let’s not talk about that other stuff
I am happy for you, and all your success
and that you’ve made it working your interest
a tip of the hat to you, sir
I hope it’s all kind of a blur
and really, how small a world
But, anyway, thanks for everything
glad to see you’re still up-and-coming
and all of the recurring themes
and Honor is indeed, a virtue

P.S.- Turd

So, I Don’t Know…

The paper I posted, and the video that argued had the same author
that’s why I looked and found her, and the paper graciously turned over
I know who was around when I heard the sound of my name,
It was good friends, trying their hand, in hope, deed, and aim
The Video for a voice, try not to hate
but, We are legion, reverberate
and the BBQ to guard your grill
was in the yard of a good friend still
when I called out the 4, it was clockwise, at that time
The plus wasn’t finished, and you made it the sign
left to right, then bottom to top, only finished one line
I called what your eyes saw, it’s kinda rude otherwise
now please excuse, in some views, pride equals riches
fucking explain that shit bitches
the prestige, and the crown, are mine

The Who In Choose

The Who in Choose
I wanted to say why I went the last time
to give them a chance to make it right
to serve and correct the wrongs in their mind
And though this secret isn’t mine
I still have nothing to hide
it felt a little dead inside
for the record, every time
And they were all very nice
better than those forced upon my life
I give love when there’s no lie
I hope they find happiness, or at least can try
The journey, I am relentless, but empty
The compromise, I am cautious, but willing
The future, I am embracing, openly
I understand a necessary lie
A secret’s a lie from the inside
Protection from prying eyes
The kind of thing money can’t buy
but the thing upon which it relies
and sometimes, it turns the tide
Like so much else, it’s in the use
And what puts the who in choose
only to find the you in truth

More Than A Little Mad

More Than A Little Mad
Everyone has a reason for doing
Whatever’s needed to get them moving
When affection sings the highest of tones
Then deception steals the blood from bones
Live and let live, I am who I am
and I’m more than a little mad
Your visions of living enslave me
Forgotten, hiding, hidden, crazy
living in light, living the role
Your empty life, me plugging the hole
The Hatter has voices that I understand
Haha, heehee, I’m more than a little Mad
Banded together, a righteous conspiracy
How many required to fight uncourageously
Control is restraint when wielding power
Vengeance is fleeting when everyone cowers
I’ll take you all with me if I can
Oh yes, I’m more than a little mad
We’re in this together, no one’s leaving
One Earth, all life, sustainably balancing
Sacrifice propels the forward momentum
As good as time allows, there is no perfection
Scarred but grateful for what I have
Alive, I’m more than a little mad

Shine through Me

Shine Through Me
So, they wonder where it came from, and where’d it go?
A little prodding and poking to make him go, get him to show?
Like it’s some friday night entertainment,
or more nefarious intent
Have you stopped to think of what it would be like
not just for everyone else but for the one with the Eye?
if a lack of confidence is what’s not right
then this world needs my light
Knowledge is what is important, I hold up the candle in the dark
all I see is a simple room. spartan and stark
From here though ripples are made, from quasars and quarks
and what Flavor of Domination can be spun from Strange, Color, Charm and spark
I giggle a little, some reluctant glee, Truthfully, when I see
That good Bottoms are made in a Beauty Factory
That’s enough now, no more Itch Marketing
or pretending a Scratch Ticket is an Ego thing
But if they want to know how I do it
well, put me to the tests, c’mon, let’s do this!
I’ve got some ideas of how it works
but there’s bigger concerns to think of first.
I really do find all of the irony funny
and yeah, I really do want the money
About the song, and who was doing all the talking
Why, it was YOU that was flustered and squawking
and for that question about the lonely night
stop asking me, and take a look to your side
that’s who brought me there, to her utter delight
And a serious moment, for this one’s not mine
but for good people, who thought they lost time
and the lady singing so loud, “This little light of mine”
“You’re so beautiful, and yes, I’m fine”
I can’t make out the rest, her voice is hard to discern
I don’t have much to go on, from you I must learn
if they cant hear what I say,
remember, where there’s a Will, there’s a way
I love to laugh, but this isn’t fame
If I am even close to right, does it seem like a game?
and now I fear the candle grows dim
I can barely see the room I’m in
I hear nothing, no matter how hard I listen
My jaw clenches, my resolve stiffens
if this is how it must be
then by the Dark Energy of Possibility
this light will shine through me!

A Musing…

A Musing…
Do not apologize for what you mean to do,
You know I am happy for you
You will never see my hurt hidden between the lines
it seems to have been a lost cause for all this time
I said it, I meant it, through and through
I hope you have it in you to understand my apprehension
that the words you use to talk me through, have inherent condescension
I want you to know
the strength it took to show
what I look like inside out, my heart and parts open for dissection
once again, I guess I don’t fit in, I’ve always been a late bloomer
and if you knew the Me that’s true, it isn’t just a rumor
but you can only know
some silly stuff I show
believe if you could, that I am really good at situational humor
perhaps it seems on this Internet thing my demeanor is reserved
like in science, the reason behind it, is that my energy is conserved
my words here are topical
my success isn’t optional
my inner beauty, for the special one to see, and who deserves it
I keep my words few, and try to use, my learned vocabulary
but that doesn’t mean that I’m not keen on using it sparingly
I’m not giving up
this fire’s turnt up
but after all this, you must show me Miss, the feel of you really caring


I had to ask, only lookin for a maybe
a super-fine lady, if she would date me
even though she had me seein’ double
she had that Gem-in-the-eye trouble
playin’ with my weakness
when she asked, “Oh you wanna freak this?”
I said, “ain’t nobody viceless,”
she said, “my love is priceless!”
“I ain’t tryin to afford ya,”
I told her, “I just wanna support ya”
“Come back,” she said with a grin,
“when you’re all grown up and out of your playpen!”
“Oh,” I said to Miss Thing
“if I ain’t good enough for ya now, I ain’t good enough then”
“And I think it should be worth a mention,”
“That you already have me payin’ attention”
I hoped she would see the feeling
behind my unintentional double meaning
and then she made me weak in the knees
when she smiled and said to me,
“I don’t need your money, honey, I got my own stuff to do,”
“but you’re cute and kinda funny, what else can I expect from you?”
weak in my knees, and with quivering thighs
I somewhat recovered from my surprise
and spat out words like she wasn’t a girl
and pretended she wouldn’t rock my world
I drew in my breath,
coughed to the left, and said,
“I like a little mystery, but don’t want ya to lie to me,”
“I’d be there till the end, because first, I’d be your friend,”
“try to do what pleases, and when needed, pick up the pieces,”
“to never contain you or explain you,”
“but to love you, who you are, and what you do.”
“Those are things you can expect from me,”
“so tell me girl, What can I expect from you?”
I swallowed, and marveled at my own hubris
stopped the voice that said, “don’t do this!”
“your words make you sound like a hell of a guy,”
she said, with a smile on the sly, and a gleam in her eye,
“I want to keep some mystery, if you’re willing to try,”
“You gave your truth to me, so I give you this reply…”

In love with Love

I climb this hill, and sometimes stumble
a servant of Love, a struggle, but undaunted
awesome cosmic power, but human, and humble
my Ego takes over, when I am taunted
it’s a weakness, the child within
not the giant, with all that is flaunted
I will keep calm, this love will stay hidden
flawless, the imperfections all wanted
with you, forever, I am foolishly smitten


You touched me inside once
your siren’s call heard from afar
didn’t know it was to make me into a dunce
I’m not reaching for your star
I was hoping for your heart
and sharing your soul
instead I got a shart
and some crap from a bull
perhaps I am a jewel you hold close
the hopeful future you keep unspoken
be unique, not just another one of “those”
playing with hearts just gets them broken
you are right, kindness isn’t lame
I am a bit jaded, and you are too
so many other women are the same
there is no other woman quite like you
when you reach into my chest
to make me feel better, you keep alive
what should have died with the rest
I already died once, a poorly thought dive
Bold, brash, and ballsy, and a little rash
grateful to have lived quite a life
something left to give, was I right about the crash?
please just respect, it is more than my heart, It’s My Life

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