The Who in Choose
I wanted to say why I went the last time
to give them a chance to make it right
to serve and correct the wrongs in their mind
And though this secret isn’t mine
I still have nothing to hide
it felt a little dead inside
for the record, every time
And they were all very nice
better than those forced upon my life
I give love when there’s no lie
I hope they find happiness, or at least can try
The journey, I am relentless, but empty
The compromise, I am cautious, but willing
The future, I am embracing, openly
I understand a necessary lie
A secret’s a lie from the inside
Protection from prying eyes
The kind of thing money can’t buy
but the thing upon which it relies
and sometimes, it turns the tide
Like so much else, it’s in the use
And what puts the who in choose
only to find the you in truth