Toilet PaPer
If your word is good then why the hard line
Those lanes are for all, make the sacrifice
for all the people, yours and mine
Whatever the story give the concession
the righteous do not fear inspection
your honor is legend, give it action
give up the new wall and your claim
After all is done, what’s your aim?
know a warrior’s punishment for shame
make the land free for all to use
remember your friends in red, white, and blue
the pillage today is the regret of youth
the Mother is your bargain, not for sale
those bugs you invented obey the Pale
the fire left inside burns a trail
this isnt about control, it is about opening
show them true power is understanding
keep your borders stable, do housecleaning
use wisdom now, not in retrospect
forethought, compassion, and intellect
retain your honor, courage, and respect