A Beautiful Man
A beautiful man
O please tell what that might mean
is it something inside?
is it something just seen?
is it what he won’t do
is it what he gets through?
is it in him, or in you?
Where do I look, as a young lad
the media around, or my own Dad?
the books full of knowledge
a lonely kind of college
or maybe it’s that fat wallet
A rose is a rose, whatever you call it
I hope it is the size of his heart
or the size of his brain, if that means smart
Appreciation of science, psyche, and art
Is it how well he fights when going to War?
Is it the Cause that he’s fighting for?
Or the word he keeps, and upon which he swore?
I hope it’s how he will try as he might
to solve the problem, and avoid the fight
to keep healthy, and keep up his looks
exercise his mind, tell jokes, read books
I guess when it’s all said and done
I hope that these someones
deservedly believe I’m one