You touched me inside once
your siren’s call heard from afar
didn’t know it was to make me into a dunce
I’m not reaching for your star
I was hoping for your heart
and sharing your soul
instead I got a shart
and some crap from a bull
perhaps I am a jewel you hold close
the hopeful future you keep unspoken
be unique, not just another one of “those”
playing with hearts just gets them broken
you are right, kindness isn’t lame
I am a bit jaded, and you are too
so many other women are the same
there is no other woman quite like you
when you reach into my chest
to make me feel better, you keep alive
what should have died with the rest
I already died once, a poorly thought dive
Bold, brash, and ballsy, and a little rash
grateful to have lived quite a life
something left to give, was I right about the crash?
please just respect, it is more than my heart, It’s My Life