My Poetic exclamations and other expressions



It Was, Always…

It Was, Always
I know I had said I would always love you
But I can’t look at you now as I did then
but trust love is there, it just can’t show through
I love to see you smile, but ache because it’s them

Call me selfish, call me dumb, call me foolish, at least I’m not numb
I put my faith in someone, believed it was true
silly to believe that it wasn’t a dream, it was you
I’m selfish to give, dumb for love, this fool knows what’s done, can’t be undone

I am not fake when you see me smiling
I am happy, a choice I have made
but there’s a dark hope I am secretly hiding
that it will fall apart, your sweet smile unmade

Call me selfish, call me dumb, call me foolish, at least I’m not numb
I want to see it crumble, but not to cause you pain
but if I look into your eyes, I don’t want to see their name
I’m selfish to want, dumb for love, this fool knows that love shines like the Sun

I am still me, and I wish you the best
you get my smile and genuine compliments
despite myself, and love’s tattered remnants
I have what it takes to pass this test

Call me selfish, call me dumb, call me foolish, at least I’m not numb
I want to bask in your light, but won’t cause myself pain
that is why, you may have noticed, things aren’t the same
I’m selfish, I hurt, dumb for love, this fool’s heartstrings were strummed

please keep smiling, your fun and games
I used a word once, it wasn’t a play
I described a feeling, one that stays
here it is again, it is, it was, Always…

A Musing…

A Musing…
Do not apologize for what you mean to do,
You know I am happy for you
You will never see my hurt hidden between the lines
it seems to have been a lost cause for all this time
I said it, I meant it, through and through
I hope you have it in you to understand my apprehension
that the words you use to talk me through, have inherent condescension
I want you to know
the strength it took to show
what I look like inside out, my heart and parts open for dissection
once again, I guess I don’t fit in, I’ve always been a late bloomer
and if you knew the Me that’s true, it isn’t just a rumor
but you can only know
some silly stuff I show
believe if you could, that I am really good at situational humor
perhaps it seems on this Internet thing my demeanor is reserved
like in science, the reason behind it, is that my energy is conserved
my words here are topical
my success isn’t optional
my inner beauty, for the special one to see, and who deserves it
I keep my words few, and try to use, my learned vocabulary
but that doesn’t mean that I’m not keen on using it sparingly
I’m not giving up
this fire’s turnt up
but after all this, you must show me Miss, the feel of you really caring

Virtuous Love

Virtuous Love
Do not go for looks my friend, they pass like beautiful Spring
when looking for love, your eyes can’t see a thing
if you go for money, understand what is bought
and know a passing want from what is forever sought
easy come is easy go, you must know your worth
if you can put a price on love, tell me, what’s the value of Earth?
if you choose the warrior’s path of honor and sacrifice
remember, the price is often high, a noble but lonely life
One is a soldier, while the other is the good husband or wife
if they are seduced by endeavors of the mind, and you, sexy intellect
you will often be left bereft, their first love left you second best
love the work, and learn to know the meaning of respect
time can thieve the brightest mind, and simple replaces complex
if you pursue a heart that’s true, the kind that lasts awhile
then you will know the value, my friend, of a daily smile
you can’t replace a smiling face to get you through life’s trials
if you can find the right kind, all these virtues that are classy
make your bet, you wont regret a life spent together laughing
in the end, what matters my friend, is that love makes you happy

Worth Waking Up To

Worth Waking Up To
Sometimes it can be hard to know what to value
when looking for love, not just to get laid
the subtle difference in someone who stays
if she’s worth making love to, she’s worth waking up to
When we have had a conversation, others call a “fight”
even with her flaws, she’s the girl you can’t get enough of
she always seems perfect, because she’s the woman you love
and I wake up in the morning, and everything’s alright
because her lovin’ is more than a trophy to win
you’d shout it to the world, or keep it secretly hidden
that, damn it Love, I’m so stupidly smitten
once is not enough, you want her again, and again
and it can seem so silly, and have me beguiled
and though I can’t be your only source of joy
a blush for the man, a cringe for my inner little boy
that I always want to be the reason for your smile
I will tell you, in words, in thoughts, and show it to you
when I open my eyes, I can’t tell if it’s a dream, or it’s real
and every morning with you, I remember why it is I feel
You’re worth making love to, and darlin’, you’re worth waking up to


I had to ask, only lookin for a maybe
a super-fine lady, if she would date me
even though she had me seein’ double
she had that Gem-in-the-eye trouble
playin’ with my weakness
when she asked, “Oh you wanna freak this?”
I said, “ain’t nobody viceless,”
she said, “my love is priceless!”
“I ain’t tryin to afford ya,”
I told her, “I just wanna support ya”
“Come back,” she said with a grin,
“when you’re all grown up and out of your playpen!”
“Oh,” I said to Miss Thing
“if I ain’t good enough for ya now, I ain’t good enough then”
“And I think it should be worth a mention,”
“That you already have me payin’ attention”
I hoped she would see the feeling
behind my unintentional double meaning
and then she made me weak in the knees
when she smiled and said to me,
“I don’t need your money, honey, I got my own stuff to do,”
“but you’re cute and kinda funny, what else can I expect from you?”
weak in my knees, and with quivering thighs
I somewhat recovered from my surprise
and spat out words like she wasn’t a girl
and pretended she wouldn’t rock my world
I drew in my breath,
coughed to the left, and said,
“I like a little mystery, but don’t want ya to lie to me,”
“I’d be there till the end, because first, I’d be your friend,”
“try to do what pleases, and when needed, pick up the pieces,”
“to never contain you or explain you,”
“but to love you, who you are, and what you do.”
“Those are things you can expect from me,”
“so tell me girl, What can I expect from you?”
I swallowed, and marveled at my own hubris
stopped the voice that said, “don’t do this!”
“your words make you sound like a hell of a guy,”
she said, with a smile on the sly, and a gleam in her eye,
“I want to keep some mystery, if you’re willing to try,”
“You gave your truth to me, so I give you this reply…”

Reasons Why

Reasons Why
how you would hold my hand when we walk
how you’re not afraid to say what you feel when we talk
how you squeeze my hand when I say something you like
how you give it your all, because there is no “try”
it isn’t any single thing you do
the way you look, or or a single thought
it’s a forever thing that can’t be bought
there’s a million reasons why I love you
when my day brightens from your stellar smile
when your “I love you” keeps me inspired
when struggle only strengthens your resolve
when laughter slowly breaks down your walls
it’s the things you refuse to do
not the clothes you wear, or your beautiful prose
it’s how I’d feel with your head on my chest, cuddling close
there’s a million reasons for me to love you
who you are when the world is watching
who you listen to when everyone’s talking
who you see when you’re looking at me
who I am and who you wish me to be
it’s all the things, big and small, you do
it’s how I feel when I think of you
it’s holding on to love that’s true
You are why, the only reason I need, to love you

I Want To

I Want To
I want to share moments with you
starting over so the old can become new
show me why
pretend I’m blind
I want to help each other up, life inhaled
turbocharged joy, fear of failure, strangled
show me why
seduce my mind
I want to make meals with you, and laugh while we eat it
and hold those memories of laughter when solace is needed
show me why
reply in kind
I want to hold your hand while we walk in the park
and feel the touch of your lips under the stars
show me why
your eyes shine
I want to wake up and feel the caress of your eyes
and take comfort knowing between us there’s no lies
show me why
our souls entwine
I want to break out of this loving daydream
because Lover, ain’t nothin’ like the real thing
show me why
I feel sublime
I want to share a life, help carry you through the trials
and be there to bask in all of your smiles
I’ve told you why
I would call you “mine”
you don’t have to tell the world
but in this oyster, you’re my precious pearl
break the rules, rebel, be more
and tell me why
you would call me “yours”

Sleep Sweetly, Without Me

Make no mistake, I am nice, but not your friend

No animosity, but that’s where I end

with an artist, not breaking, just bent

in spanglish, with artist, time spent

I can hear, see, and feel you, and all the content

I am sorry, the misunderstanding, but honest I am

Betrayal is funny, and yes, yes you CAN

I am a grown up child, in the fields of the Lord I play

my ideas are for everyone, but money gets my formulae

shared ideas in a manner most brief

only the beginning, yet everyday I speak

an embrace from a mind that encompasses the world

yet so human I pine for that one girl

but honor, it binds me, I will not lie

words got me tangled, but in truth I reside

with all that goes on, I deserve the front page

set boundaries on games, this life is the stage

Love is a weapon, and Love is a friend

and thanks my Love, but now the words end…

Fair Warning

When borrowing, be careful what you do

With that lent by the man who’s blue

the gift of rhyme

you know is mine

given, to share time

You would dare to stand above

whilst I am held back by Love

Do your job, keep your eyes peeled

Life’s cherry, without the pit, for ne’er steeled

keep Love protected, when out in the field

when you reached out to touch me

you left no quarter in which to flee

My love is encompassing, don’t be mistaken

This is a warning, real, and blatant

Nothing to hide, a face most graven

set in motion, my insurance is churning

no place to hide, with the whole world burning

Do your duty, to self,  to God and to country

on the same side, if hurt, on your Honor, we’re hunting

The world needs help, I have things to do

if I must do them alone, keep Love with you

these cracks in my heart will let light through

do all you must, and keep Love from harm

whilst I go around, and grant my charm

and though my actions may seem drastic

I got the attention of the Power on the Atlantic

hope and pray they listen to Mr. Fantastic

those that know find it hard to believe

those that don’t, wonder what’s up my sleeve

The sunny disposition I had to eschew

to get them to listen to the man who is Blue

The Hammer is a shield, and you know what to do

Do not waste the time that is reluctantly given

or doubt the motives of a man who is driven

here to proclaim, this is Not, the only life

fishers of men, you got, and took a bite

Elegant and brief, this Time I got right

for all to see, open and free, I’ve given the sign

and maybe, just maybe, forsaken the Love that was mine

if this is my fate, the destiny for which I am chosen

in the vastness of space, time and hearts can get frozen

remember the hidden heart and soul, the Cosmic Watchman

and the dusty rose for your hair

because stars are born there

Why go silent, when you have so much to say

I am Okay participating in all sorts of play

when escalated, it will happen My Way

not just for me, the future and choice I concede

but I will be damned if, for me, that choice isn’t to be free

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