Worth Waking Up To
Sometimes it can be hard to know what to value
when looking for love, not just to get laid
the subtle difference in someone who stays
if she’s worth making love to, she’s worth waking up to
When we have had a conversation, others call a “fight”
even with her flaws, she’s the girl you can’t get enough of
she always seems perfect, because she’s the woman you love
and I wake up in the morning, and everything’s alright
because her lovin’ is more than a trophy to win
you’d shout it to the world, or keep it secretly hidden
that, damn it Love, I’m so stupidly smitten
once is not enough, you want her again, and again
and it can seem so silly, and have me beguiled
and though I can’t be your only source of joy
a blush for the man, a cringe for my inner little boy
that I always want to be the reason for your smile
I will tell you, in words, in thoughts, and show it to you
when I open my eyes, I can’t tell if it’s a dream, or it’s real
and every morning with you, I remember why it is I feel
You’re worth making love to, and darlin’, you’re worth waking up to