Reasons Why
how you would hold my hand when we walk
how you’re not afraid to say what you feel when we talk
how you squeeze my hand when I say something you like
how you give it your all, because there is no “try”
it isn’t any single thing you do
the way you look, or or a single thought
it’s a forever thing that can’t be bought
there’s a million reasons why I love you
when my day brightens from your stellar smile
when your “I love you” keeps me inspired
when struggle only strengthens your resolve
when laughter slowly breaks down your walls
it’s the things you refuse to do
not the clothes you wear, or your beautiful prose
it’s how I’d feel with your head on my chest, cuddling close
there’s a million reasons for me to love you
who you are when the world is watching
who you listen to when everyone’s talking
who you see when you’re looking at me
who I am and who you wish me to be
it’s all the things, big and small, you do
it’s how I feel when I think of you
it’s holding on to love that’s true
You are why, the only reason I need, to love you