Push me away
keeping me at arms length
may seem to require strength
there is more strength and grace
in holding, and keeping, an embrace
leave your career behind
when touching a heart, soul, and mind
release the past, in order to make it last
believe in new love, unburdened by what’s passed
I know you define the new by what you had
whatever they were, not everyone is bad
a loving, caring, fighting heart is not a weakness
made of inner fiber and tears, bending, you can’t break this
I’ve been beat down before, pissing blood and bruises
while others laughed, thinking, “he can’t do this”
and all this time I’ve stood my ground
believing in those good people around
perhaps I should have started walking
or at least opened up and started talking
now so many know, and the floodgates have opened
and again I must start, tempered and hardened
and again in my life I am hurt, the face by which I’m haunted
a dagger in the heart, I cannot escape, this pain unwanted
lucky for me my mind is strong, and my soul too
I still appreciate the beauty, will, and heart that is you
please do me this favor, stop omissive lies
if unrequited, cut all the ties
I am just one, in a sea of masses
respect for the one, well, that’s what Class is
appreciate and love, even from afar
these psychc chains, binding, wherever you are
I know you remember that girl Goin’ In
and the other guy during the fantasy of sin
I could easily be wrong, but still I asked
just don’t leave this Hero, hurt, and unmasked