I’m that person you laid eyes upon
that someone you need to go to any length
a solid shoulder to lean on
a stalwart source of strength
when your inner stuff seems gone
a love deep, and totally unfeigned
the kind you want that isn’t always hard
a velvet rock to hold so that you can rest
someone to whom you let down your guard
a safe haven for your souls’ unrest
a gentle massage to help your heart’s scars
a choice to make, and you chose the best
to know oneself is something quite deep
the quiet strength that is out of sight
the kind of courage to make a Lover’s Leap
speaking softly, with quiet might
a love indeed and a love complete
the kind of rock-solid that lasts all night
your last dance, your always and only one
a presence that gives you something to miss
sometimes away from you, but never gone
your Storybook Love, with a plot twist
me, without you, leaves something undone
so hard not to smile when you playfully resist
feels so right, it could be a love song
our first meeting was also our first kiss…