Someone said I should get dirty
so here goes nuthin’
when it comes to you it’s always love-thirty
even when you’re fussin’
And when you’re scared I’ll cuddle you hard
and hold you long time
and if in public you have to fart
I promise I’ll say it’s mine
When you’re sick and feel like puke
I will barely make fun of ya, while I make you soup
and if I’m wrong and you had to shout
I promise I’ll still take the garbage out
And when life seems bleak and oh-so-empty
whether we’re poor or living in plenty
I swear to you we’ll still cuddle hard
whether it comes hell or high water,
super-quakes or falling stars,
or if the world just gets hotter
I’ll hold your hair when you’ve been drinking
and try not to sigh when you say, “Hun, I’ve been thinking”
If I talk to someone and I see you green with envy
I promise to hold your hand, so she knows who’s with me
And if I show wrath over what you may buy
it’s just your girly girl, and my pragmatic guy
If things go well and the world is at our feet
whatever the life, I will cuddle you hard
whether or not it is pretty and sweet
You can be my Venus, just dont leave me on Mars
Heaven forbid something happened, and you broke,
I’d bathe you and feed you by spoon, no joke
and no, this doesn’t make me a pushover
it just means I’m an everyday lover
if buyin ya 5 tires on your birthday isn’t sexy
give Us a few years, I’ll show ya, if ya let me
maybe this isn’t romance a’la run-of-the-mill
I’ll look into your eyes when I cuddle you hard
even if we’re grey, and, umm, over the hill?
if lovin’ you is wrong, then I’ll go full tard
not much to give, but I’ll finish what I start
money ain’t love, but passion’s all heart
why this bleak romance, the daily inane chatter?
no time for love, talk, or things that don’t matter?
when if you were hurt and covered in sores
I’d tell ya you’re beautiful, and call them whores
If you let me, I’ll cuddle you so hard
it’s your choice, take your pick
already dealt, you got the cards
what I think is needed is a good _______ ______…