Oh come now folks, it’s all good fun
I ain’t even close to done,
you should know a smokescreen hun
I know the map, I see the treasure
a lil more proof? OK, a pleasure
I didnt realize you were such a noob
when I said I’d shoot your boob
though you were well guarded
I didn’t know they were such big targets!
now I get why Joker makes faces,
he was hidin’ those pocket aces
but now for real, it’s an election year
real Black Ops goin’ on amidst some big fear
Some chicks are real good gettin’ lead down
Bullseye in that cool Bayou town
But talkin’ color on my friend Riley Ur Black
gets you kicked off the team like a heart attack
in the end ain’t much that’s funner
than bein’ a real chopper gunner
and in the news, we got real predator missiles
I’m kickin’ back with a smile and a whistle
and hopefully soon try some of that pulled pork BBQ
I hear if you’re in the South and dont try it your a fool
got a quiet CZ and a good tac knife
gotta play like you have just 1 life
I’m not the kind to say it’s not my job
sorta like a rich girl goin’ out to shop?
when it came time, I said I was the one, but…
oh off the team? ain’t over and done
came back, kicked ass, just for fun
in the end, in General, well I’ll be a son of a gun…