you are dynamite and outtasight
but never out of mind
kinda right, make it light
Love is more than a line
more like light, thought right,
and electrons share time
face is pretty, frame is tight
might be wrong, but I’ll call you Mine
even if you leave tonight
more like a cave, not like the slave
you’re the one with the treasure
digging it is a pleasure
you know the cost of bein’ a Boss
more than a slacker, we’ll call you Whip-Cracker
more than a whistle, I’m a heat-seeking missile
target acquired, that’s where I go
Hottest on radar, Lady you’re Fuego!

your damselfly, my dragonfly
seasons bring you distress
and like Mr. West, I’ll help you outta that dress
just remember, it takes 2 to ask, “why?”