Y’know it can’t be easy, walkin’ ’round in that body
To the eyes it’s pleasin’ even when you think it’s shoddy
comin’ up from nothin’, think it’s easy? hardly…
Goin’ with the flow, so few things that are steady
good people around, let’s rock-n-roll, are you ready?
Big girl panties? Check! you’re a number 1 Boss Lady
Body like a Strad violin, the head a triple threat
You got it right, through work, blood, tears and sweat
Now everybody’s wonderin’, “what will she do next?”
You’re a lady first, it’s their loss
barely worth a mention, this is the cost
gettin’ all kinds of attention, this happens to a boss
It’s love and respect, I ain’t no zombie
I’m just a soldier in the #BeYou army
This is a Miss sHot, let’s call it fair warning
Always so humble, let us do the talking
Keep your head up, we got you, keep walking
They may be hatin’ but they’re all still gawking
How nice for all, your treat, some booty shown
still there’s haters blowin’ up your phone?
Bet they like it when you say, “Eres un Chingon”
You’re a Lady first, this is the cost
They’re beggin’ for a mention, it’s their loss
Rulin’ their attention, this happens to a Boss
Life’s a Bitch, a joke that’s kinda funny
You’re a Queen, attracting bees to honey
Let all them get mad, you get your money
Go get ’em Tiger, this ain’t no Winnie the Pooh
And no, it’s not just me, we all believe, it’s true
If you ever need to ask, it’s ’cause I’m Me, and you’re Miss You…