Oh Miss Kitty I see you now, from across this place
Although you woke me up right in my face
Oh Miss Kitty I saw you then, I tried to play
I held back, then pounced like a toy
then you reminded, kittys like to play their way
tricks are for kids you silly boy
so how in the world to get a kitty to be frisky?
when felines will sleep, just to seem busy
Maybe sing the song from Mighty Mouse
maybe the kitty will just want to pounce
after all, it is random when I walk by
and kitty swipes, saying, “I got you guy!”
oh wait, I’ve got just the right tool
something from back in techy old school
out comes the laser just like Buck Rogers
or for us who remember, more like Duck Dodgers
it sat on your paw for quite some time
words a distraction, did you notice the rhyme?
ahh but the dot, the stoic facade did crack
this after the white hair on my shirts, all black
oh the red dot is fun for days
oh please Miss Kitty, be the kind that plays
for just a few moments be free of worry
just be a kitty, cute and furry
but then you left, I guess, went on your way
I wanted to possibly play another day
even though I had touched your paw
you didn’t even bare your claws
Kittys are funny, they’re on their own
unlike dogs, they don’t chase the bone
mostly, they like to come back to you, and home
this kitty went out to play with the world
her head high, her tail unfurled
I chased after her, like a boy would a girl
kittys are fast, and like Ninjas, see
and that lil kitty got away from me
but smiles are infectious, a promise of hope
chase a kitty and they run you big dope
a new toy for kitty to play with me?
maybe I’m wrong, and she’s not a kitty
oh quite pretty when her eyes get all round
and that isn’t a meowing sound, I think I get it now
shall we play Merry-Go-Round Broke Down?