The little ball of fur, so nosy, so cute, the canine eyes so strong
so much hair, so much life, so fiesty for such a little one
The silvery coat, a shimmer, a light when all seems so dark and wrong
who knew a thing so small could be so much fun
I climb a tree, rest in a branch like a cat
from below she looks at me like, “”Why’d you do that?”
“Come down!” it seems she wishes to say
her and I are pals each and every day
when danger is close, she is always there to fight for me
the growls are so cute, her bared teeth so shiny
and she feels only a longing for me,
the partner, the master, the love that must be
waiting, hoping, patiently
that I will be back, to share our life so lovingly
whatever I do, be it for good or ill
this ball of fur will love me still
fur doesnt understand why I’m gone for awhile
but when I return, I’ll get that toothy smile
when curled up in my lap, I never want to move
I don’t want to interrupt her snooze
Now I’m back, Oh what Joy! what a day!
I was so sad, and she just wants to play
finding my stresses sort of, washed away
funny how a ball of fur can be so right, can make my day
I almost feel wrong, wishing I could find a love like that
A person that can wear the loving dog hat
how long would they wait, to get their bone?
would they still be so happy when I come home?
enthusiasm that makes me giggle
so much love, so much wiggle
alas, I wonder for far away I be
if they have the same thoughts of me
My heart knows they’re out there, waiting, hoping
Please don’t go crazy from all of this coping
again I digress, I have what I need to know, love is out there for me
when in doubt I know I just need to look into the eyes of my puppy
when time has passed, her furs’ color gone silver
she’ll rest easy, because she’ll know I’m with her
when gone, what remains for me
the little ball of fur, and me, in the tree