Oh, you want to call out this?
may as well blow me a kiss
someone tryin’ to tempt me, humm,
a little mimic time, well, umm…
Talkin’ ’bout the things she do
wonder who she’s dreamin’ of, you?
ask her when she get that stare
and wonder quietly why her finger’s there
keep talkin’ like the gift is sleaze
it’s ’cause of you? boy, on your knees
take one shot, run and done?
this was over before I won
aww, look, he’s new, sure looks like fun
step back, take a look, be grateful son
what, you wear her like some crown?
back up kid, that’s a royalty gown
you still think it’s you that she dreams of pleasin’?
ask her again who is feelin’ her squeezin’
Naw, all good, I’m just teasin’
but look, there’s still one more reason
to me she’s a Lady, and you call her a whore
you talk like it’s you that gets her Slick
I’m the one she goes goosh for
and she has only seen my …