to the Trolls, large and wee
and the friends I can also see
I continue to post so that I feel free
this venue works for the time being
better in person, my voice helps make me
I am only askin’, a humble inquiry
I can do more, help in so many ways
I don’t ask for me, I must, this is the phase
I am lacking a language, comes out wrong it seems
I wasn’t joking when I said my eyes see my dreams
I like research but there’s something missing
I don’t need to run, just ready after the pissing
I’ve seen some of those who are there with some lessons
we can do it, for all them, to me, that’s what a friend is
it’s not just expediency, I get why there’s shade
whatever comes out, it wont just be Man-made
this is just a plea, not just for me, I got, and found it
in the end, freedom really means unbounded…