When I think of you, you somehow come alive
Mistress of my dreams, the apparition for which I strive
I even talk with you, a conversation in my mind
your ghost in my machine, beauty to eyes that are blind
When I think of you, I struggle to believe
that with all the world to choose from, you would still pick me
but when I look the other way
“I choose you” would be easy to say
’cause when I think of you, I think of what I see
the image in my mind’s eye of the spirit you wish to be
wondering if it’s the same, if for you, that ghost is me
as if we are trapped in bodies, but dreams set our souls free
When I think of you, my wounds all seem mended
that soothing voice that speaks and all the pain is ended
and when I am there for you I feel so dark, yet so strong
perhaps that is just what you need, and my concern is all wrong
Sometimes I think of you and believe you think of me
never had dreams before and now they’re dreams of we
this can’t be all made up, I know someday we’ll meet
until then, Dream Lover, I hope you and I both, sleep sweet