When I was young, I would cry when faced with my fears
it was the only way I knew to express the pain
sad, hurt, or frightened, it all felt the same
to deal with it, to show my hurt, my eyes would bleed tears

———– *————————————————————

then I was teen aged, and very few things in life were clear
don’t show your feelings, you’ll get beat, it means you’re weak
you’ll get taken advantage of, with your penis you must speak
Then I learned how to keep bruises from making me bleed tears


I grew up a bit, and thought courage meant Fighting my fears
I learned to be afraid, not of pain, but of the love inside I felt
unsure, uncertain, loving someone I didn’t know, it was hell
every night I knew, it was my heart, not my eyes, that bled tears


Betrayal was next, all that claims to be good, and true, is not what it appears
false friends, fake tests, their fears, “do something young man!”
truth withheld, divided I fell, on claims of honor they tried to stand
despite the flaws, and the cause, duty upheld, now my eyes bleed dry tears


I lost myself, for someone else, now a worldly mind, and passage of years
Corruption, suffering, and inequality punctuate the societies of our life
emotions are strength, a blessing, and what gets us through all the strife
I can feel so I live, my crooked smile I give, while my heart bleeds its tears