The Last Dance
I worked and I practiced to lose my two left feet
clumsy as a newborn I wobble and sway
an unnatural romance, moving to the beat
not easy for me, I was born and made this way
but I thought we might dance, the first time we meet
the floor isn’t empty, and I have fallen from grace
an elegant and classic beauty, you sweat charm
in silence, your movement makes music, and hearts race
A shudder escapes, as you wrap yourself in another’s arms
free to choose, not mine to lose, when that smile cracked your face
I didn’t listen to love songs before, they made no sense
Nothing to compare, now painfully aware, life on repeat
falling tears a bravo to your bittersweet reference
so I dance alone, myself, and my two left feet
an invisible partner, no one watching, no pretense
around I go, floating on air like Fred Astaire
without you, to make fun of me
I’m a dancing star, and nobody’s there
not even you, to make fun of me
so I dance alone, and tell myself I don’t care
to see you in another’s arms dancing, means you’re free
I said I wanted just one dance, and that is partly true
life, like the beat, still goes on unto infinity
just a chance, selflessness can feel so cruel
I just wanted your last dance to be for me
always another song, to dance on, with my arms empty
while you’re gone, I’ll dance on, and practice my steps
I will trust in music, what I hear and see, implicitly
and he holds you tight tonite, but there’s a song left
if he’s gone, and you dance on, there’s another dance for me