there’s no way I could know
your dug-in little mole
or when I’m being watched
even by remote control

so here we sit and wonder why
things are what they are
and we eat, shit, and die
just to play out our parts

And though I really should thank you
you didn’t get what I can do
I guess it’s just C’est la Vie
and for now, I bid you adieu

to answer you Miss Kitty
on why I might be angry
I went 1000 miles
you wouldn’t go 10 feet

I’m not really mad at you
more hurt, if ya know what I mean
I said it, I meant it, through and through
none of this is as easy at it might seem

maybe just stop and think
my purpose and meaning
might be to answer your prayers
and live out your dreams

for now I am taking opportunities
to help out, lend a hand, and help myself
live a little bit different, a little Form E
and return to the days of wealth and health