For Me
For Me
Form e
Upon myself I compound
Until my interest grinds down
I keep adding these pieces
Constantly they’re needed
within me is infinity
With you, I am more than 2
But I can’t ever be 3
I feed on myself
and no one else
The fault isn’t mine
Principally, it’s just me, and time
a limit imposed dimensionally
that’s how it’s beat
when it’s just you and me
remember the frame
and my natural name
into the world I’m thrown
not even the universe is alone
where space is bent
When slows its entanglement
and particles that be
only happen quantumly
there is no “half-light”
though try as I might
I want to be alone like “c”
But I can’t, I’m already me
My reach extends
where time comprehends
my external link universally
but if you know why
Me and I love pie
this you will get, naturally
without you, I can only be
Form e
For Me