My Poetic exclamations and other expressions



all written by me

Shine through Me

Shine Through Me
So, they wonder where it came from, and where’d it go?
A little prodding and poking to make him go, get him to show?
Like it’s some friday night entertainment,
or more nefarious intent
Have you stopped to think of what it would be like
not just for everyone else but for the one with the Eye?
if a lack of confidence is what’s not right
then this world needs my light
Knowledge is what is important, I hold up the candle in the dark
all I see is a simple room. spartan and stark
From here though ripples are made, from quasars and quarks
and what Flavor of Domination can be spun from Strange, Color, Charm and spark
I giggle a little, some reluctant glee, Truthfully, when I see
That good Bottoms are made in a Beauty Factory
That’s enough now, no more Itch Marketing
or pretending a Scratch Ticket is an Ego thing
But if they want to know how I do it
well, put me to the tests, c’mon, let’s do this!
I’ve got some ideas of how it works
but there’s bigger concerns to think of first.
I really do find all of the irony funny
and yeah, I really do want the money
About the song, and who was doing all the talking
Why, it was YOU that was flustered and squawking
and for that question about the lonely night
stop asking me, and take a look to your side
that’s who brought me there, to her utter delight
And a serious moment, for this one’s not mine
but for good people, who thought they lost time
and the lady singing so loud, “This little light of mine”
“You’re so beautiful, and yes, I’m fine”
I can’t make out the rest, her voice is hard to discern
I don’t have much to go on, from you I must learn
if they cant hear what I say,
remember, where there’s a Will, there’s a way
I love to laugh, but this isn’t fame
If I am even close to right, does it seem like a game?
and now I fear the candle grows dim
I can barely see the room I’m in
I hear nothing, no matter how hard I listen
My jaw clenches, my resolve stiffens
if this is how it must be
then by the Dark Energy of Possibility
this light will shine through me!

Oh really…

there’s no way I could know
your dug-in little mole
or when I’m being watched
even by remote control

so here we sit and wonder why
things are what they are
and we eat, shit, and die
just to play out our parts

And though I really should thank you
you didn’t get what I can do
I guess it’s just C’est la Vie
and for now, I bid you adieu

to answer you Miss Kitty
on why I might be angry
I went 1000 miles
you wouldn’t go 10 feet

I’m not really mad at you
more hurt, if ya know what I mean
I said it, I meant it, through and through
none of this is as easy at it might seem

maybe just stop and think
my purpose and meaning
might be to answer your prayers
and live out your dreams

for now I am taking opportunities
to help out, lend a hand, and help myself
live a little bit different, a little Form E
and return to the days of wealth and health

Dear Jon

Better late than never
Here for your pleasure
A teeny endeavor
For the best fake news host ever

Dear Jon,

Is this what you call goodbye?
I mean, it seems like only last century you said hi
and I never would have envisioned
how much you helped with my Indecision
and like the holiday tree mission
you’ve become a bit of a family tradition
Come on man
none of this was planned
think of the kids
your unborn fans
I never had a problem with your infidelity
even that one affair with, what’s his name, Stevie?
It really was those daily doses
you’d show us of those calling farts roses
and I always looked forward
to your indecent exposures
every evening when we got cozy
I’m not mad
just a little sad
I hope you’re happy
I’ll pretend to be glad
but if this must be the end I will dry my eyes
I’ll keep my chin up, and the pain inside
if for everything there is a season
and even this has a reason
and all of the hope that you’re teasin’
to avoid the pain of you leavin’
don’t you give a damn?
I’m sorry, I hope you understand
It’s just that, well
We fucking love you man!

For Me

For Me
For Me
Form e
Upon myself I compound
Until my interest grinds down
I keep adding these pieces
Constantly they’re needed
within me is infinity
With you, I am more than 2
But I can’t ever be 3
I feed on myself
and no one else
The fault isn’t mine
Principally, it’s just me, and time
a limit imposed dimensionally
that’s how it’s beat
when it’s just you and me
remember the frame
and my natural name
into the world I’m thrown
not even the universe is alone
where space is bent
When slows its entanglement
and particles that be
only happen quantumly
there is no “half-light”
though try as I might
I want to be alone like “c”
But I can’t, I’m already me
My reach extends
where time comprehends
my external link universally
but if you know why
Me and I love pie
this you will get, naturally
without you, I can only be
Form e
For Me


Story Telling

I wasn’t going to tell you, but the story had to be told
about how I went from a wallflower, to silly and bold
It all started with a glimpse of the face
and all of the little replies in kind
so I had to put someone on the case
someone with an investigative mind
and hope they could keep up with your pace
I looked high and low, and all I could find
was an unusual character by the name of Ayse
and so I pushed forward, half-cocked and half-blind
some clues I deciphered, but his efforts were slowed
Seven Spanish Angels, the Body Violin, he wasn’t sold
Ayse went overboard with tales of conspiracy
all of his rantings didn’t really convince me
something about messages in the art
and taking over the world in an alien way
he told me the sign was a brand on the heart
I tried not to gasp, lest I give it away
an alien takeover in which I unwittingly played a part
and he told me their leader won’t tolerate strays
but I have a secret, I’m not the only one who’s marked
a scar in scarlet, shhh, it’s a big letter “A”
and now the game’s over, or so it seems
The government stoppage, a twisted power play
The lack of words, and what they all mean
and the superheroine still saving the day
something broken inside, I won’t pay to be seen
I keep hold of something, but what I wont say
I suppose I will keep waiting, a boy and his dream

It Was, Always…

It Was, Always
I know I had said I would always love you
But I can’t look at you now as I did then
but trust love is there, it just can’t show through
I love to see you smile, but ache because it’s them

Call me selfish, call me dumb, call me foolish, at least I’m not numb
I put my faith in someone, believed it was true
silly to believe that it wasn’t a dream, it was you
I’m selfish to give, dumb for love, this fool knows what’s done, can’t be undone

I am not fake when you see me smiling
I am happy, a choice I have made
but there’s a dark hope I am secretly hiding
that it will fall apart, your sweet smile unmade

Call me selfish, call me dumb, call me foolish, at least I’m not numb
I want to see it crumble, but not to cause you pain
but if I look into your eyes, I don’t want to see their name
I’m selfish to want, dumb for love, this fool knows that love shines like the Sun

I am still me, and I wish you the best
you get my smile and genuine compliments
despite myself, and love’s tattered remnants
I have what it takes to pass this test

Call me selfish, call me dumb, call me foolish, at least I’m not numb
I want to bask in your light, but won’t cause myself pain
that is why, you may have noticed, things aren’t the same
I’m selfish, I hurt, dumb for love, this fool’s heartstrings were strummed

please keep smiling, your fun and games
I used a word once, it wasn’t a play
I described a feeling, one that stays
here it is again, it is, it was, Always…


You didn't know what seeds you had sown
when you raised your hand to me
what could have been, but this fire within
wouldn't go out by getting beat
a simple punishment, without admonishment
never the face where everyone would see
without inhibition, past the prohibition
your will, will never be me
without you I rise, and look to the skies
my silence means that I'm free
the future will bring, as I unfurl my wings
a battle cry screamed angelically
wings beating with might, I take to my flight
Untouchable, I soar out of reach
The world is my oyster, old burdens unfoisted
I am loved, a gift felt deeply
ecstatic to discover, and fully uncover
the extent of all my abilities
I'm happy to help, the desire is felt
collaboration, whispered sweetly
felt in the spirit, somehow you hear it
from afar, I'm drawn by your tease
though you abuse, you're still my muse
some wounds never heal completely
first time since birth, I know my worth
cured myself of self-love diseases
with love I speak, I hold my own leash
Untouchable, you never will hurt me
I try to discuss, I don't tell you enough
how much I appreciate your beauty
it seems so absurd, with how often you've heard
"Oh Honey you're simply amazing!"
some fragments remain, now I must retrain
I'm a King, though you see right through me
some interior mess impedes my progress
my Self is difficult in the breaking
you really are the most brilliant of stars
though you are lost in the sun daily
no hurt when you're happy, joy that you're laughing
I am nailed to a cross of my own making
I feel so I live, my broken smile I give
Untouchable, so please, will you touch me?

A Musing…

A Musing…
Do not apologize for what you mean to do,
You know I am happy for you
You will never see my hurt hidden between the lines
it seems to have been a lost cause for all this time
I said it, I meant it, through and through
I hope you have it in you to understand my apprehension
that the words you use to talk me through, have inherent condescension
I want you to know
the strength it took to show
what I look like inside out, my heart and parts open for dissection
once again, I guess I don’t fit in, I’ve always been a late bloomer
and if you knew the Me that’s true, it isn’t just a rumor
but you can only know
some silly stuff I show
believe if you could, that I am really good at situational humor
perhaps it seems on this Internet thing my demeanor is reserved
like in science, the reason behind it, is that my energy is conserved
my words here are topical
my success isn’t optional
my inner beauty, for the special one to see, and who deserves it
I keep my words few, and try to use, my learned vocabulary
but that doesn’t mean that I’m not keen on using it sparingly
I’m not giving up
this fire’s turnt up
but after all this, you must show me Miss, the feel of you really caring

Virtuous Love

Virtuous Love
Do not go for looks my friend, they pass like beautiful Spring
when looking for love, your eyes can’t see a thing
if you go for money, understand what is bought
and know a passing want from what is forever sought
easy come is easy go, you must know your worth
if you can put a price on love, tell me, what’s the value of Earth?
if you choose the warrior’s path of honor and sacrifice
remember, the price is often high, a noble but lonely life
One is a soldier, while the other is the good husband or wife
if they are seduced by endeavors of the mind, and you, sexy intellect
you will often be left bereft, their first love left you second best
love the work, and learn to know the meaning of respect
time can thieve the brightest mind, and simple replaces complex
if you pursue a heart that’s true, the kind that lasts awhile
then you will know the value, my friend, of a daily smile
you can’t replace a smiling face to get you through life’s trials
if you can find the right kind, all these virtues that are classy
make your bet, you wont regret a life spent together laughing
in the end, what matters my friend, is that love makes you happy

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